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7 Day Countdown to Senate – Day 1!

Welcome to the 7 Day Countdown to Senate!

According to our constitution, the SGA Senate is “a forum that serves as the liaison between students and administration.  Its chief role is to deliberate, approve, and set policies that are pertinent to the student body and SGA.”

The SGA Executive President runs the Senate meeting, and the voting members of the Senate include the Executive Vice President of SGA, Executive Secretary of SGA, Executive Treasurer of SGA, the Presidents and Vice Presidents of each Class Committee, two Commuter Senators, and one Residence Hall representative from each Residence Hall. BUT anyone is welcome to attend an open Senate meeting and present their ideas or opinions!


With 7 days left before the first Senate meeting, each day the SGA Executive Board will be describing why they will be attending Senate on Monday September 17 at 11:30 and why you should too!


Hello! I have been a member of SGA for four years now and have also been a part of Senate for all four years! My first and second year I went as representative from our class committee, and last year I attended as a general member after returning from abroad. I enjoy going to Senate because this is a group of students that many times administration and faculty will approach or present to in order to get a student perspective. I enjoy the ability to voice my opinion in a forum that will make a difference for my class and my school. This year I am looking forward to running the Senate as a professional student body that can take the lead on issues that may face Stonehill in order to create an even stronger community here.


-Courtney Beauregard, Executive President of Student Government Association


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