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8 Different Pieces of Advice to help you through Senior Year

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their long weekend, whether you stayed on campus, visited a friend, or even even able to go home. I had the opportunity to go back to my high school’s football game, take a day trip up to Vermont, and be able to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Every person I talked to and caught up with asked me the same similar question- How do you like Senior Year so far? It would come with statements like “wow that flew by fast!” or the good old “What are you doing next year?”
For this weeks blog, I decided to go over my own personal advice for my classmates and how to get through and enjoy our senior year.
1. Don’t ask what people are doing next year! What may seem like a polite interested question may just make people who don’t know yet, more nervous. My view on this is if someone does have an idea, they will tell people. This person will already be asked by a parent, sibling, relative, friend from home, and every other person who knows they are a senior. Be that person that is not just a constant reminder of the unknown, but a supportive friend who shows they care. Plus, while the year is going by fast, we are only a month in!
2. When you are stressed about next year, find that one friend you can go to for anything in the world- your stress, your excitement, your goals, your fears. This person gets what you are going through, even if this person is not a senior and doesn’t yet know the worries, they do know you which is the most important thing at the end of the day.
3. Talk to Career Services!- I lived on campus this summer and one day I had that moment when I just said “Wow I am scared about a year from now” I am sure everyone will have it, and that is totally okay! I went to career services, met Andrew Leahy for the first time, and what I thought would just be career advice, turned into a combination of that and a much needed life talk, which lead me to have an idea and clear perspective of what my plans could be with my future. Plus his friendly personality and solid advice make you feel 10 times better!
4. Meet new people- We have the largest class in the history of the school. There is no way you know everyone here! This year, I have gotten to know people I may have said 3-4 sentences too in my first three years, and now I consider these people strong friends of mine. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
5. Don’t be anymore stressed than you need to be with “last time” moments- While it is great to be reflective and think about your surroundings, do not stress yourself out with the “last time I do this” and “last time I do that” idea constantly in your head. It is important to find the balance of thought, and staying in the moment.
6. Go on a retreat!- Personally, I am a spiritual person, but this is not the reason I go. I go on retreats because I enjoy getting a way from Stonehill, and having solid conversations with people I know, and people I do not know well yet at all. Even if you do not consider yourself religious, or even spiritual, it is totally fine to come get away for the weekend, and think about the bigger things in life with very supportive people!
7. Come to Brother Mikes!- Even if you do not drink, Brother Mikes is such a fun atmosphere. From concerts, to trivia, to even just hanging around talking with my friends, Brother Mikes is a great way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the near end of a long week.
8. Believe in yourself!!!- I cannot stress this enough. You have already gone out of your comfort zone by either making new friends, going abroad, doing an internship, did well in a difficult class, and you have made it through three years here. I am not saying do not think about next year at all. I am saying that while you may be stressed, and it is normal to be stressed, we are all people with different passions, ideas, experiences, stories, and values. Put those together, and you will not just be okay, but you will thrive beyond Stonehill.
That is all for now! I hope you all had a great long weekend, and have a great week, Stonehill!

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