Start a Club

Have a great new idea for a club?  Here’s how to get started!

You can download a complete copy of the Procedure for Student Organization Recognition by clicking on the link!

  1. Hold an “Initial Interest” meeting with the Campus Program Coordinator, Patrick Keaney, and the Executive Vice President, Erin Doherty, to discuss your proposed idea for a club/organization
  2. Complete the following forms (download the Approval Process Checklist!):
  3. Complete a Constitution for your club/organization
  4. Submit your proposed Constitution to the Constitution Committee, who will review and decide whether or not to pass the Constitution.  Want to know more about the Constitution Committee?  Click here!
  5. Present your new club/organization to the SGA Senate at the end of either the Fall or Spring semester.  Senate will either provide feedback and propose revisions, or approve the club pending the successful completion of a semester “provisional period.”  The outline of “provisional status” can be found here.
Any questions regarding the process can be directed to Patrick Keaney at or Erin Doherty at