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  • SGA Executive Board on Oct 17, 2016 Reply

    Hi Alex,

    We are currently speaking with Campus Police in order to get some answers about the parking situation. We do know that the decision to allow First-Years to park on campus was made last year when the anticipated completion of the Solar Panel project was set for this past summer. There was delay in the project that the college was not prepared for. To address the student body, emails have been sent out by Campus Police to inform students of the available spots on campus.

    We are waiting to get more answers as a Senate and we hope to inform all students when we find out more information.

    We are aware of this concern and thank you for reaching out to us!


    SGA E-Board

  • Alex Costa on Oct 12, 2016 Reply

    I was wondering if there is something students could do in order to change the parking situation while Lot 17 is under construction. Knowing that this project was going to occur, the college still allowed freshman to park on campus for the first time this year, something that was poorly planned. I think that it is ridiculous how much money upperclassman have paid to this school during our first three years, and now they make living even harder on us.

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