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Why Should You Join a Programming Subcommittee?

Do you want a say in what happens on the weekends? Why not join a Programming Subcommittee?

Here are some reasons why you should join a Programming Subcommittee:

  1. You get to meet a variety of people that you might not cross paths with otherwise. This is a chance for you to meet people of other class years and of different majors in a setting that is not focused on academics. I met many of my current friends in the clubs I have joined, especially in the Programming Subcommittees.
  2. It gives you a chance to have a say in what happens on campus. If you have a great idea for an event on campus, or you want to contribute to other people’s ideas, this is the perfect place for you to do this. You get to voice your opinions and get to contribute to the fun atmosphere on campus.
  3. It shows you how to plan certain events and shows you what actually goes in to planning all of them. You get to see what is needed in order to host an event. You will be able to help put the event on as well. Setting up might not sound fun, but once you see the final outcomes, it is so worth it.
  4. It provides you with opportunities. I was once a general member of each of the Programming Subcommittees and now I am going to conferences. I will be going to my sixth National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), which displays what other schools do on their campuses. It also allows you to sample various musicians, poets, artists, and many other types of performances that could be brought back to campus. This year, the National Conference is held in Louisville, Kentucky.
  5. Finally, it is just fun. From getting to meet new people, to actually meeting the performers that come to campus, there is never a dull moment when it comes to on campus programming. I am so glad I joined the Programming Subcommittees because if I didn’t, I am not sure my experience at Stonehill would be the same.

There are so many more reasons why you should join a Programming Subcommittee today. If you want to see these reasons for yourself, join one of the five subcommittees: Special Events Committee, Concert/Coffeehouse Committee, Movie/Comedy Committee, Spirit Committee, and Trip Committee.

-Adrianna (SGA Executive Programming Chair)

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Lead4Justice Newsletter Feb. 8-19

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Why run for Executive Board?

With elections approaching, I thought it made sense to use this as an opportunity to explain what I value about my own experience.

First and foremost you are elected to an Executive Board position to represent the student body and voice the concerns that are brought to you.  This ranges from small issues, like requesting mirrors in the lady’s room bathrooms in Duffy, to campus-wide campaigns that aim towards creating a better social environment.  Being a voice of the students challenges you to explore what you believe in and to better understand and explore those values.  The job isn’t easy, and sometimes you can get caught between a rock and a hard place with the positions you’re put into when the student body doesn’t have one cohesive voice.  The value in this conflict is that it gives you the chance to explore issues much more intensely because the decisions you make are felt by the rest of the student body.

You also have the opportunity to learn a lot from the incredible leaders that surround you in other positions.  I personally have been able to feed off a diverse range of working styles and opinions that have allowed me to become a more flexible and open person.  Executive Board challenges you to work through differences in individual values and opinions to create a single product that each member is proud of.  I have never worked so closely with people before this experience but it has so significantly increased how much I value working on a team.  The positions are filled with articulate, intelligence, and competent students that you truly can rely on to go above and beyond their responsibilities to make SGA function.  HOWEVER, I would be lying if I said you could get by with just the other members of the Executive Board.  Two people that have truly helped to guide me throughout my experience and have helped me succeed in this role are Julie (the previous Finance Chair) and Jim (our advisor).  To start with Julie, I know I can text her the most random questions or complain about the most trivial things and she knows where I’m coming from.  She’s always willing to throw some advice my way or give me a little kick to do better.  As for Jim, he is absolutely the glue that holds SGA together.  Although he likes to say he is just there to give things from a “historical perspective”, he truly helps us navigate through the job and is instrumental in helping to bring our ideas come to fruition.  These mentoring relationships that come about through Executive Board really have strong real-world application as many jobs are moving towards a system that fosters mentoring among employees.

To wrap this all up, I think Executive Board is beyond worth the time and investment you put into it.  You learn invaluable communication and project management skills that will stick with you beyond the classroom.  The job is not easy at times and you’re completing difficult, meaningful work but it is so rewarding and I encourage all who want to apply to do so.


-soon to be a washed up Finance Chair

Dec 01




Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

             As a senior in college currently applying to graduate school, and preparing for plans after Stonehill, I cannot help but appreciate what Stonehill has done for me. This is why I participate with Giving Tuesday.

Soon after Thanksgiving, we begin to participate with days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday, days that focus more on gaining materialistic items. However, we then have Giving Tuesday, a national day of philanthropy when we are all encouraged to give back to something that we value.

For the third year in a row, Stonehill College is participating in Giving Tuesday. This day can be misunderstood, as some people think it is simply Stonehill just asking for money, even though the tuition is high, and even though we still have loans to pay when we graduate. In reality, the day is about so much more.

I am proud to say I have been a scholarship student these past four years, and like many of our students, I can say I would not be able to come to Stonehill if it were not for scholarships. I encourage alumni, parents, and even students to give today to help with scholarships.

Giving Tuesday helps for so much more then scholarships too. In our mission statement, Stonehill calls for us to, “create a more just and compassionate world.” We live out that statement by serving others, with programs like H.O.P.E. No matter where the group is going, each trip is very special as it relates to specific social justice issues that impact the area. So please remember when you give to Stonehill, you can be a part of the process of Stonehill giving back to others outside of our community but close to our heart.

Another reason, especially for seniors to give, is the senior class gift, go big or go home campaign. For the past month, different members of the senior class, the legacy committee, have been meeting with Class President Cody Page, Class Vice President Erin Carberry, and Legacy Committee Advisor Nick Howard ’13. Different members of this committee will be at different stations around campus throughout the day, welcoming our classmates to make a gift. This is not just about Stonehill, but it is about pride in our class as well; the Class of 2016. If you have any questions about the campaign, feel free to reach out to Cody and Erin!

So today, no matter what has made Stonehill special for you, whether it is scholarships, H.O.P.E. or something special to you, think about the opportunities Stonehill has given you, and give back. It will totally be worth it. #GivingTuesday #GoBigOrGoHome

Nov 19




The Importance of Finding a Mentor

Throughout high school, I can vividly remember the intense bonds that my classmates would form with various teachers, advisors, and administrators. shat stuck out to me most, was that so many of us were finally figuring out our passions and would therefore find ourselves connected to a particular class or instructor. My mentor(s) through high school were always my Spanish teachers. They were the ones I sought all of my advice from, the ones I took cues from as I started to apply to colleges, and the ones I still look forward to visiting all these years later.
College, much like high school, brought about new passions, and from this, new mentors. The type of mentors you find in college, however, take on a completely different role, in my opinion. When I think of Student Government, I immediately think of Jim Hermelbracht, our advisor. I think I speak for the entire Executive Board, at the very least, in saying that he has been a mentor to all of us through our years at Stonehill, and (on a personal level) in many ways inspired me to run for my position as Vice President.
A mentor like Jim is so essential as we go through our formative years at college. Not only are our passions growing and changing, but we are continuously pushed outside of our comfort zones.

I can recall a number of times when I have been frustrated, confused, or simply in need of a bit of inspiration- all of which can be addressed by someone you have come to know and admire.
This post is particularly important to me at this time as I recently sought out Jim’s advice as my mentor. After spending my junior year abroad, I thought a transition back into SGA would be seamless, and would hopefully help me to ease back into my home at Stonehill. A few months in, I realized that I needed a bit of guidance as to how to “re-adjust”, especially into my role. Jim offered personal experience, his own ideas, and tangible plans to help me along- about a week later, I feel infinitely more at “home”. There truly is so much value in finding a person like this; someone who knows how to push you, while comforting and guiding you at the same time.

On behalf of all of us, thank you Jim!

Nov 10




The Value of IDEAS Courses

The traditional classes offered at Stonehill are great. However, IDEAS courses offer a unique opportunity to learn from your peers. IDEAS stands for Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill; they are student-run courses that aim to educate students on a topic that may not be offered in the traditional course offerings at Stonehill. Listed below are some reasons why you should take an IDEAS course.

  1. They are taught by your peers. How often do you get to take a class that is not taught by a professor? These classes are totally run by students, which helps to foster a different kind of discussion.
  2. These are not typical course offerings. The variety of courses being offered allow students to explore a subject that they may be interested in, but are not able to incorporate into their academic schedule. They also offer a new perspective on topics that may have been discussed in traditional classes.
  3. They offer opportunities to generate a discussion with other students. This type of course encourages open discussion and allows people to express their opinions. Only your peers are present, so you are able to speak a little more than you might in your traditional classes.
  4. You may meet new people that you might not have met otherwise. Since these classes do not necessarily apply to any specific majors, people who are interested in the topic may take a class that they would not be able to take otherwise. These people may not be in your traditional classes because the IDEAS courses offer different topics that stray from traditional courses.
  5. You may find an interest in a new topic. These courses allow you to expand outside of your comfort zone and outside of your traditional course schedule. If you think you are interested in a topic, take that class. You never know, you could find a new area of interest for yourself.

IDEAS courses offer an opportunity to learn about something that you may not have considered when choosing traditional classes. If you are at all interested, make sure to check out the different course offerings on the IDEAS Facebook page. Also, registration starts during Add/Drop period, which begins on November 30th. They are limited to eight students per class and are first come, first serve. Make sure to reserve your spot in a class!


Nov 10




Senate 11-2-15

Here are the minutes from SGA Senate’s meeting on Monday, November 2nd, 2015!

SGA Senate Agenda

Monday, November 2, 2015 11:32


Divestment Campaign- Jess Devereaux, Connor Hilbie

  • Long term project
  • Building student support and education
  • Start with contact with SGA
  • Process of divesting fossil fuels and move towards more sustainable energy.
  • Has worked in the past.

Fossil Fuel Company’s

  • Unsafe by almost the double amount of C02
  • Morally wrong- destruction of our planet.
  • Builds case for government action
  • Brings up climate change discussion.
  • Profitable and not lasting long. None renewable.
  • Struggling economy
  • Leads to violence and wars
  • Reinvest in safer ideas for our planet and none violence.
  • Stonehill cannot do this by themselves but takes a moral and strong statement for other colleges to make the government realize this is a serious issue.
  • We have signed pledges committing to climate change and we need to follow through with this- St. Francis Pledge-
  • Created an online petition


This is separate from Solor cap issue?

How do we sign up?

  • Join the facebook group


Finance – Jeanne Finlayson Jennifer Matthews

Has there been anything done?

  • Have met several times- with new graduates, we start from scratch every few years.
  • Still in educational phase. Spoke with investment advisor- Invest in “Funds of Funds’ or “Index Funds”
  • Started a few years ago- Brought proposal to Board of Trustees who now oversee investments.
  • As of June 30th– 189 million dollar endowment.
  • 35 funds- 7 have 3.2 million in subinvestments
  • Assuming small amount invested in fossil fuel.
  • Not invested in the major fossil fuel companies, but a few gas companies. No direct investment in fossil fuel companies.
  • 6 Million that are exposed to oil.
  • Cannot just pull out because there needs to be research on where else the money goes.
  • Stonehill will not end it as a social part, but mostly due to investment.
  • Restart investment education with board in January?

Question- Is it renewable energy

  • Investments in mostly solar energy

Question- Have we divested in companies in the past?

  • We have in 1989 but no one on our board has done it before but it was an easier more specific divestment. No one has taken a definite yes or no on this topic. We have always taken a stance on no direct investments?

Where is the link?

  • Kate will post it on the SGA facebook page.

Where do we go from here?

  • Student body awareness
  • Had tables around campus- Students did not know what divestment was before tables.
  • Effectiveness of divestment. Not really economic effective but mostly social efforts

Are there plans to announce Stonehill supports this?

  • We want other schools to see this. All about the social aspects. Controversial issues are not brought up if there is not a strong interest.

Other schools?

  • Harvard working on it and Hampshire college completey divested. 100 schools either working on it or completely divested.

Finance- Any talks of switching this to green funds?

  • Bringing this to the Board of Trustees
  • Ten year commitment with the green fund and private equity. Have to maximize an alternative if we divest.

Anyway the Trustees can make an announcement for support?

  • It is hard to say because not a lot of education- only 7 members on a subcommittee are involved in this with a new chair- he is interested in what the student body thinks. Too early to tell
  • Some funds may not have oil now but may in the future- Companies that commit to never having it.

Has SEA had an event?

  • Tuesday November 17th event @ 7 pm
  • Professor against divestment speaking
  • Debate on the issue
  • All students welcome and questions

Do you think it is feasible to completely divest?

  • Theoretically no. There will not be a economic issue so far- All social awareness
  • 5 year plan or 10 year plan.
  • Hard to picture a world where it is gone
  • Sue Mooney is their advisor

How can SGA support?

  • Not yet, but just focusing on education
  • Even at sustainability fair, crowd is not aware of it.

Has Senate endorsed something like this?

  • No but it would help show the board of trustees that students care?
  • Help advertising?

How can you pass this on for next year?

  • Co President a sophomore Tony Martucci to continue on for next year
  • Everything is online on the SEA email
  • Young underclassmen
  • Former President and graduate still helping

Are there any efforts that the college is doing to support a clean environment?

  • Almost finished with the bike fair.
  • Promoting unneeded drives to close places- Spoco, lot 17 ect.
  • Underclassmen use shuttle- Rent a car
  • More electric car stations
  • Solar Canobies on Parking Lot- Movement- Hold up by National Grid and not the College- Start the day after graduation
  • Social movement and cost effective
  • Not as much of a snow issue?


  • Updates
  • Mike Middleton IT- First years need to update password soon. 6 months.
    Issues with Hill Spot- Turn off wireless radios. Sends update week before, and 2-3 days before. Go change it online, type current username and password and then change
  • 2018- Planning a clothes drive the week after Thanksgiving 11/30-12/4
  • Diversity- 1 love training Tuesday at 7 pm.


  • Approve minutes
  • Need to be a weekly routine.
  • Michael Middleton notion Anna seconds
  • In favor- Everyone Opposed- No one Sustained- No one
  • Minutes approved


  • Follow up from last week- Actually following through with these



  1. Academics – concerns brought to Friday’s meeting
  2. Food – concerns passed to Kathleen Fitzgerald
  • Speaking at Town Hall
    1. Events – ideas passed to Adrianna
    2. Campus Climate – divestment campaign
  • Better awareness for climate campaign.
  • Fits into larger goal at Stonehill
  • Father John approves
  • Fits with SGA- We helped with the to-go containers.
  • Support from Senate would help- Active students support- Would need to talk with Jim
  • All social movement
  • Attach petition to Senate Highlights
  • Academic meeting
    1. Submitting course evaluations
  • Jamie, Kristen, Michael, Kate met with Dean Almeida, Maria Curtin, and Joe Favazza
  • Course Evaluations- Making process longer, reward incentive. Last ten minutes of a class with laptop. Moved online last year.
  • The course evaluations come at Thanksgiving
  • Lack of middle opinion who found the class alright- Compared to strongly liking class or strongly disliking class.- Missing ideas from that area.
    1. Diversity training for faculty
  • Current is only for academic development day- Nothing required-
    1. Diversity audit of curriculum
  • They look over the courses every semester to see which ones are diversity related.
  • Sending Kate that list soon.
    1. “Life After Stonehill”
  • Technically a life skills class
  • Taught by Andrew Leahy
  • Dean Almeida sending syllabus to Kate soon.
    1. 40 graduate school affiliations
  • Not well advertised.
  • In process of typing up requirements and focus of each program
  • Graduate school fair similar to the job expo.
    1. Next meeting – LC discussion
  • More improvement
  • Having past and current LC Advisor
  • Keeping LC’s but looking at which ones to get rid of and which ones to add.
  • May give responsibility to a senator for project.
  • They will be speaking at Town Hall.


  • It’s On us
    1. Pledges
  • This Thursday
  • Nametags given out on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Give pledges to Kate when you can.
    1. Nametags
  • Pick them up on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Continue to promote the event.
  • Chris and Anna promoted event at Guerilla Girls Event last Wednesday, WHEN and the Moore Center spoke about it as well.


  • Town Hall
    1. Schedule for the evening
  • 5:30 on Wednesday in Martin Auditorium.
  • Start with brief SGA update.
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald from Sodexo
  • Detective from Campus Safety
  • Kevin for policy changes
  • Kristin Pierce for housing.
  • Open Floor Discussion
  • Father John brief closing remarks
  • Everyone should be there and E-Board gives brief intro to speaker.


  • SGA awareness party
  • 11/20 Brother Mikes Friday.
  • Plans for next semester
  • By the Foot- Kid Snacks
  • PR Committee Meets @ 6:30 on Sundays


  • Questions, Comments, Ideas
  • Pick up nametags
  • Wifi questions?

12:28 Final









Kate Morneault (Executive President):

  • Career Services will be coming to Senate November 16th

Anna Craft (Executive Vice President):

  • Working w/ IT to come up with a way to use an online calendar for club/organization

Matt Farrenkopf (Executive Secretary):

  • Putting up Town Hall posters
  • Brainstorming event for 11/20 to raise awareness for SGA

Chris McNamara (Executive Treasurer):

  • Met with Rita Friday to finalize e-mail

Adrianna Rosadio (Executive Programming Chair): No Update

Nisha Khubchandani (Executive Diversity Chair):

  • Planning a program for Native American Heritage Month to be held in November

Ryan McDonough (Executive Finance Chair):

Andrew Hunt (Commuter Senator):

  • Food committee is working on hot breakfast at Sem

Michael Middleton (Commuter Senator): No update

Jamie McDermott (2016 Senator):

  • Karaoke Night Friday, November 6th in the Hill

Jacqueline Durand (2016 Senator):

Molly Wolf (2017 Senator): No Update

Marisa Licata (2017 Senator): No update

Kristen Fontaine (2018 Senator):

Tim Cronin (2018 Senator):

Sebastian Patino (2019 Senator):

Chad L’Heureux (2019 Senator):

Lea Perugini (Heights Senator):

  • Haunted Sem and fall fest successful

Laura Harvey (Corr/Villa Senator):

Rebecca Brackett (O’Hara Senator): No update

Emily Hunter (Boland Senator): No update

Travis Normandin (HCC Senator): Fundraiser soon