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Bridge Incident: Student Response

Dear Fellow Students,

On the morning of Wednesday, January 22nd, Campus Police officers reported the destruction of multiple ground level lamps and LED lighting fixtures that serve to illuminate the pathway to the new bridge. In response, the College will temporarily limit the use of the bridge to daylight hours only. The incident will also cost the College time and resources in replacing the expensive light fixtures.
As Stonehill students, we must exhibit more pride in the care for all aspects of our community, both physical and personal. Although it is still unclear whether the violator was a member of our community, students have expressed strong reactions to the incident, ranging from frustration to anger. We hope that incidents like these will never occur again. SGA will continue to address issues of safety, particularly in the dark area surrounding the new bridge, with college officials.
We encourage you to come forth in an anonymous manner with any details available.
If you have any information or questions regarding the bridge destruction, please contact Campus Police (508-565-5100). In addition, students are welcome to voice their concerns at Student Senate meetings on Mondays at 11:30 in Cleary Dining Room.
Jessica N. Beliveau, ’14
SGA Executive President
On behalf of Student Government Association
Sarah E. Figalora, ’14
RHA President
On behalf of Residence Hall Association

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