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Career Services: Why you should not take them for granted

It’s come to the time of year, especially as a senior, where the chaos of interviews and in-office visits seems to get the most hectic. At Stonehill, we are incredibly lucky to have a talented and dedicated Career Services staff that are willing to do anything from phone interviews to practically life coaching. The office has a breadth of connections and resources that unfortunately is not used by as many students as could benefit from them. The earlier you start attending their events, the better. Career Services even runs a fantastic domestic internship program that allows students to spend semesters in New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Career Services has supplied me with a large amount of opportunities for both internships and full-time employment and I could not be more grateful. Even now as a senior, when the job hunt is in full swing and stress is running high, I feel confident that I can rely on Career Services for professional connections and support.

My advice: seize all the opportunities they make available to you and use their office as soon as you can in your college career. Whether it be a mock interview, information luncheon, on campus job interviews, or just career counseling, the office has something that can help everyone grow personally and professionally. I promise that you will not regret it.

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