Oct 18




#CultureNotCostume Campaign

Recently, students have been asking about the posters that are supposed to make every one aware about the defining line between culture and costume. This is in respects to any one who might feel offended seeing someone dressed up as a costume that represents the stereotypical “Asian” or “Mexican.” We have to understand that this is not some thing appropriate, and it should not occur when going to an institution like Stonehill that is flourishing with beautiful culture.


In late October of 2011, a student organization at Ohio University named “Students Teaching Against Racism in Society” (STARS) launched a campaign to raise awareness about racially insensitive Halloween costumes. On October 21st, the president of the organization posted several images of awareness posters on her Tumblr blog.

On October 26th, 2011 CNN published an article about the controversy surrounding the campaign in an article titled “’We’re a culture, not a costume’ this Halloween.”

The Student Government Association supports this initiative, and encourages students to make the right choices, and look for alternatives to dress up as some thing else.


Feb 11




SGA E-Board Elections!

SGA E-Board Elections!

Open to rising Juniors and Seniors that will be on campus for the entire year!


Monday, February 17:

Nominations for E-Board elections open at 8:00am

Monday, February 24:

Candidates meeting with nominees

Wednesday, February 26:

E-Board campaigning opens

Tuesday, March 4:

Speech Night for nominees

Wednesday, March 5-Friday, March 7:

Online elections and results announced

Feb 13




January/February SGA Newsletter

Nov 04




Town Hall Meeting!

This Wednesday, SGA is holding its first Town Hall meeting of the year at 6:30 PM in Commons A/Quiet Cafe.

The Town Hall is held every semester to serve as a way for students to bring up questions, concerns, and ideas they have about Stonehill.  Also, this is a great chance to bring up something you think is going really well or working for Stonehill!

Representatives from different offices will be present to discuss these issues and concerns with students.  Some examples of administrators who will attend include President Father Mark Cregan, Vice President for Student Affairs Father John Denning, and Police Chief Peter Carnes.

The Town Hall really is a great way to voice your opinion and your opinion will truly be taken into account.  The Town Hall is where SGA gets ideas for new focus groups for Senate and it brings attention to issues that are important to the student body.

However, before you come to the Town Hall be sure to come to the SGA Open House!

The Open House will be tomorrow, Monday, November 5th from 5-7 PM in the SGA Office located in the lower level of the Commons!

There will be lots of candy, snacks, and music! So be sure to stop by during dinner and learn about the upcoming Town Hall and about different aspects of SGA!

We hope to see you there!

Oct 09




Senate Update!

For those who are not familiar with Senate, the SGA Senate is the legislative branch of SGA.  Its purpose is to act as a liaison between students and the administration.  It’s role is to work on policies that are pertinent to the Student Body and SGA.  Some of the things the Senate will typically work on are approving new SGA clubs and organizations and it will work on addressing different areas of concern important to the student body.

The voting members of SGA include the Executive Vice President, the Executive Secretary, the Executive Treasurer, the President and Vice President of each class committee, two commuter senators, each residence hall senator, and the Executive President in the case of a tie.  The SGA Executive President, Diversity Chair, Programming Chair, and Finance Chair sit on the Senate as non-voting members.

Feel free to look under the Senate section of the SGA blog to see all the different members who sit on Senate this year! (

The Senate has had three meeting so far this year, where we came up with focus groups to start off the year with.  Then we decided to dedicate every other Senate meeting to having time for focus groups to meet in place of our regular senate meetings.

Here are the Senate focus groups and their members so far:

Commuter Life:  Brett Gammon, Jeff Santos, & Jamey Breen

Environmental Issues:  Lindsey Beauregard & Austin Alfredson

Parking:  Jackson Reilly & Amanda Carlino

Operational Hours:  Billy O’Donnell & Molly Bannister

Space Improvements:  Nick Culbert, Jamie McDermott, & Mike Smith

* If you have any ideas for new focus groups, please feel free to submit your idea under the “suggestions” tab!


In addition, to focus groups, Senate is working on bringing in speakers from different departments and in the administration to address the Senate.

Our next Senate meeting will be Monday, October 15th at 11:30 AM in the Cleary Dining room.  All students are welcome to attend! It’s a great way to see what is going on in SGA and to see the different issues the SGA and Senate are working on.

Hope to see you there!


Oct 04




SGA Retreat 2012

This past weekend the Student Government Association held it’s annual retreat!

This year the retreat was a little bit different than usual since it was held on campus, but it was a great way to have SGA members learn about leadership where they will be actually leading.

The retreat was a great way for the members of SGA to interact with each other socially and engage in group bonding activities.  On Friday, everyone went to an SGA event in the Hill with poetry slam artist, George Watsky.  The event enabled SGA members to show their support for another SGA sponsored activity and to see how an SGA event is run.

Other things we accomplished at the retreat included positional training so that everyone could get a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities in SGA. Plus, everyone went through “true colors” leadership training with Jim!

Last, everyone at the retreat participated in a mock town hall where we discussed issues and ideas for the upcoming year.  From the town hall we came up with ideas that will be addressed in focus groups in SGA Senate.

Overall, the SGA retreat was both a fun and productive weekend for everyone.  Everyone is really excited for the upcoming year in SGA and ready to make a difference on campus!


“Find Your Wingman” Activity!


At the SGA event in the Hill!

George Watsky!




Sep 16




Countdown to Senate – Weekend Edition! Days 6 and 7!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re getting excited for the first Senate meeting. Only a day left! This is my first time on Senate, so I’m looking forward to Monday. I have been involved in SGA, mainly Programming Committee, since the end of my freshman year. It was a great way to get involved and joining the committee was by far the best decision I made since coming to Stonehill. Since I’m new to Senate, it’s going to be a learning experience, so why not join with me? As a senior, I don’t have many opportunities to collaborate with the other classes. I’m excited to work with all years and can’t wait to see what great ideas we come up with!

Senate is an awesome way to get involved and for students to make a difference while working together. It’s more than a club meeting; it’s a chance to build a stronger community with those around you. If you’re interested in joining, then come to the first meeting! See you there!


Rachel Ness

Class of 2013

SGA Executive Programming Chair





ONE Day Left ’til Senate… IT’s SO SOON!

Can you believe the year has already been kicked off, and we are about to start meeting as a SENATE?! This is my first year being a part of SGA, and one of the things I am most excited about is Senate. At Senate, we get a chance to hear directly from the student body what their experience is like here, and what would make it better! As SGA Executive Diversity Chair, this is so important to me because I seek to make Stonehill a comfortable environment for everyone to share their unique identities.

Even if you’re a first-timer (like me!), I hope to see you at the first Senate meeting on Monday, September 17 at 11:30! 

Julie Kelly

SGA Executive Diversity Chair


Sep 13




Countdown to Senate – Day 4!

Hey everyone!  Unlike a lot of the other E-Board members, this is actually going to be my first year as part of Senate (and SGA in general).  Student government was never really something I was gung-ho about in the past, but I realize now it’s definitely one of the best ways to get involved on campus.  Last semester it started to dawn on me that I really only have one year left here at Stonehill, and I wanted to be able to get involved in a way that would help to leave a lasting impact on the place that has given me so much.  As the main link between the student body and the faculty, Senate is the ideal place for anyone to voice their thoughts and opinions.  Senate has really been the driving force behind a lot of the changes that have been instituted since my freshmen year, and I want to keep that momentum going.  As an E-Board we definitely have a lot of lofty goals for the year, but with the help of Senate we feel like a lot of them can be accomplished.



Matt McCormack, Student Government Association Executive Treasurer 


Sep 11




7 Day Countdown to Senate – Day 1!

Welcome to the 7 Day Countdown to Senate!

According to our constitution, the SGA Senate is “a forum that serves as the liaison between students and administration.  Its chief role is to deliberate, approve, and set policies that are pertinent to the student body and SGA.”

The SGA Executive President runs the Senate meeting, and the voting members of the Senate include the Executive Vice President of SGA, Executive Secretary of SGA, Executive Treasurer of SGA, the Presidents and Vice Presidents of each Class Committee, two Commuter Senators, and one Residence Hall representative from each Residence Hall. BUT anyone is welcome to attend an open Senate meeting and present their ideas or opinions!


With 7 days left before the first Senate meeting, each day the SGA Executive Board will be describing why they will be attending Senate on Monday September 17 at 11:30 and why you should too!


Hello! I have been a member of SGA for four years now and have also been a part of Senate for all four years! My first and second year I went as representative from our class committee, and last year I attended as a general member after returning from abroad. I enjoy going to Senate because this is a group of students that many times administration and faculty will approach or present to in order to get a student perspective. I enjoy the ability to voice my opinion in a forum that will make a difference for my class and my school. This year I am looking forward to running the Senate as a professional student body that can take the lead on issues that may face Stonehill in order to create an even stronger community here.


-Courtney Beauregard, Executive President of Student Government Association


Sep 03




Class of 2016 Elections

Nominations for Class of 2016 elections close tomorrow, Tuesday September 4th at 5pm! So if you are interested in any of the following positions come down to the SGA office in the Commons to sign up to run!

Once you’ve signed up to run for a position, campaigning will take place from Wednesday, September 5th – Tuesday, September 11th, ending with Speech Night that Tuesday (9/11).

Then voting will take place from Wednesday, September 12th at noon to Friday, September 14th at noon.

Good luck!


Chairs the Class committee, prepares agendas for weekly meetings, sits on the SGA Senate, and must hold 2 office hours a week.

Vice President

Works closely with the President, sits on the SGA Senate, shall be concerned with any financial matters of the Class Committee, sits on the SGA Finance Committee, and must hold 2 office hours a week

Communications Director

Records and publishes minutes for he Class Committee meetings, as well as oversee the publicity and promotion of Class Committee initiatives, sites on the PR Committee

Programming Committee Representative 

Oversees events organized by the Class Committee, as well as updates the Class Committee on Programming  Committee activities

Diversity Committee Representative

Updates the Class Committee on Diversity Committee activities, as well as actively attends Diversity Committee meetings and events

 Athlete Representative

An active member of a Stonehill recognized varsity or club sports team. Responsible for representing the student athlete perspective during Class Committee discussions and initiatives

Campus Ministry Representative

An active member in the office of Campus Ministry and its sponsored programs. Responsible for representing a campus ministry perspective during Class Committee discussions and initiatives

2 At-Large Members

Responsible for voicing and updating the Class Committee with any and all issues known by them or brought to their attention by their peers