Jul 28




Executive Board Retreat

Last weekend the Student Government Association’s Executive Board got together to plan and prepare for the upcoming semester. We outlined some important goals for the year that include making SGA more accessible and publicized to the student body, to create guidelines for listserv activity, and to work on providing space for individual student identities and diversity.

We are all wicked excited to begin work on these and other issues in the upcoming semester!

Courtney Beauregard ’13 – President

Lauren Melaugh ’13 – Vice President

Matt McCormack ’13 – Treasurer

Melissa Beaumont ’13 – Secretary

Terry Rose ’13 – Finance Chair

Rachel Ness ’13 – Programming Chair

Julie Kelly ’13 – Diversity Chair

Wicked pumped!!!

May 01




2012-2013 Executive Board

On Sunday, at the Student Life Awards, the 2012-2013 Executive Board was inducted into their positions.  Meet your new Executive Board members!

President: Courtney Beauregard ‘13

Major(s): Elementary Education and International Studies
Hometown: Northbridge, MA
Campus Involvement: Peer Mentor, Student Ambassador, Kappa Delta Pi-International Education Society, Education Society, Honors Program, Developing Fundraising Leaders Institute
Favorite Stonehill Memory: Last year was my first year as a Peer Mentor and the whole week and a half was my favorite time at Stonehill. Getting to know the other Peer Mentors, being able to show off Stonehill and the college experience to the first years, and being completely clad in purple made it my favorite memory of Stonehill.
Fun Fact: One day I want to have traveled to all 50 states.

Vice-President: Lauren Melaugh ‘13

Major(s):  International Studies and Art History major with a Business minor
Hometown: Medfield, MA
Campus Involvement: Peer Mentor, Student Ambassador, Club Ultimate Frisbee, Admissions Operations Assistant, Art Gallery Assistant
Favorite Stonehill Memory: This semester’s Frisbee home tournament when we went 5-0 to win the tournament
Fun Fact: I went skydiving in Western Massachusetts through an RA program last fall

Treasurer: Matt McCormack ‘13

Major(s):  Accounting with an Economics minor
Hometown: North Kingston, RI
Campus Involvement: Peer Mentor, TA Program, International Internship, Accounting Association, Club Ultimate Frisbee, Hall Council, Movie/Comedy, Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting Honors Society), Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Honors Society), and Lambda Epsilon Sigma (Schoolwide Honor Society)
Favorite Stonehill Memory: Storming the court after the basketball team won the NE-10 Championship this year
Fun Fact: I’m color-blind.

Secretary: Melissa Beaumont ‘13

Major(s):  Political Science/International Studies with a French minor
Hometown: Southington, CT
Campus Involvement: Peer Mentor, Chapel Choir, Volunteering at Holy Cross Family Ministries and the animal shelter, Intramural sports
Favorite Stonehill Memory: Living in the Sem Freshman year and meeting most of my good friends there. Also, being on the Peer mentor team last year!
Fun Fact: I got to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama speak in person while I’ve been interning DC! Plus my absolute favor color is purple and most almost everything I own is purple!

Finance Chair: Terry Rose ‘13

Major(s):  Math & Physics
Hometown: Norwood, MA
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Disc, Animal Shelter Volunteer, Intramurals
Favorite Stonehill Memory: Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience during summer 2011
Fun Fact: Life goal is to travel to another planet

Programming Chair: Rachel Ness ‘13

Major(s):  Communications & Psychology
Hometown: Rollinsford, NH (the population is about the size of Stonehill!)
Campus Involvement: SGA, of course! Student Ambassador, dance club. Before being elected, I was treasurer of Programming, sophomore year I was president of the Heights Hall Council, I’ve been on a HOPE trip to NOLA and I am currently studying abroad in Florence.
Favorite Stonehill Memory: Midnight madness… I look forward to it every year! Also judging Mr. Stonehill this year!
Fun Fact: I’ve been dancing since I was three

Diversity Chair: Julie Kelly ‘13

Major(s):  Interdisciplinary Studies- Anthropology
Hometown: Watertown, CT
Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant, ABS Program, Football Coach’s Assistant, Women’s Center Board of Advisors, Anthropology Society, PRIDE
Favorite Stonehill Memory: When the entire men’s rugby team stopped a match and verbally opposed a competitor’s use of a derogatory slur in the middle of a game against Framingham State University. I’ve never been more proud to be a Skyhawk.
Fun Fact: I recently went cage diving off the coast of South Africa with Great White Sharks without concern… But I am terrified of jellyfish!


Apr 23




$50,000 Campaign Winner!

The results of our $50,000 campaign are in. After a month long campaign to solicit ideas from the student body, SGA is proud to announce that the winner is our Sustainability Package option.

The Sustainability Package includes a number of water bottle filers, multi-stream recycling bins, and energy saving motion sensor lights. A combination package of these sustainability tools will help Stonehill reduce waste and energy consumption as well as help students practice a more sustainability lifestyle.

The SGA E-Board is currently meeting with staff from the Facilities, Purchasing, and Operations Departments to lay-out an implementation plan. The plan will cover the installation of the water bottle filers and motion sensor lights over the summer months. The E-Board will also deeply consider placement of the Sustainability package items to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We would like to thank all of the students, faculty, and staff who made this $50,000 campaign a huge success. SGA prides itself on incorporating the many voices of their constituents into a proactive movement for Stonehill at large. Our work is only a small example of how organized, efficient, and inspired students can change the Stonehill community for the better.



Mar 07




Speech Night!

Tonight, the candidates for the 2012-2013 Executive Board stood up in front of a crowd to address their qualifications and goals for the upcoming academic year.  The night started off with the candidates for the Executive Diversity Chair position and ended with the Executive President candidates’ speech.


The candidates for each position are as follows:


Executive President:  Courtney Beauregard

Executive Vice President:   Lauren Melaugh

Executive Treasurer:   Matt McCormack

Executive Secretary:   Melissa Beaumont

Executive Finance Chair:  Terry Rose       Mary Louise Dixon

Executive Programming Chair:   Rachel Ness        Nina Garambone

Executive Diversity Chair:    Julie Kelly     Lindsay Bouzan


Voting will begin tomorrow, March 7th, at noon and continue until Friday, March 9th, at noon.  Voting is open to the classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 only.  You can either vote online by logging into eLearn or stop by the Elections lounge outside the SGA office for some SGA paraphernalia and candy and vote there!  You will also be able to see trifolds prepared by each candidate highlighting their credentials.


Instructions for voting on eLearn:

  • Go to eLearn which can be accessed via myHill.
  • Under the “Community Groups” section, you should find the Class of 20xx Elections group.
  • If you turned off your Community Groups section, you will need to edit your page settings. (click “Edit Page” on your home page; click “Add Components” and then select the box next to Community Groups).
  • If the Class of 20xx Elections group does not appear under this section, please contact the Help Desk (508.565.4357).

Feb 23




Why should you be an Executive Board member?

Why should you want to be an Executive Board member?


Nominations for the 2012-2013 Executive Board positions opened yesterday, and some people may be wondering whether or not to run.  The current Executive Board has compiled the following top ten reasons (in no particular order) to want to be a part of the Executive Board:


  1. Working with Jim Hermelbracht– who doesn’t remember him from Freshmen Orientation?  You get to work with and be seen with one of the sharpest dressed members of the Stonehill staff!
  2. Dinner at Father Cregan’s house– ever wanted to know what the inside of the President of our College’s house looks like?  He invites the Executive Board 1-2 times a year to dine there!
  3. “I heard it first…”– everyone loves being the first to know the gossip.  When the administration is considering a major change, the Executive Board is usually the first group they consult with.  The Executive Board heard about the ice rink, parking changes, and changes in academic requirements before it was communicated to the student body and the administration asked for student input.
  4. Being at the forefront of creating change– the Executive Board is elected to serve the student body and address its concerns, and some of the major areas of concern it has addressed in the past on behalf of the student body are parking issues, bias incidents, accessibility of study areas, and more!
  5. Resume building– the skills acquired while being an Executive Board member are unmatched and invaluable, and involvement in the community speaks volumes to future employers about your character.  Also, you’ll attend a number of events that will give you the chance to network with various alums in all fields of employment.
  6. Time management skills– even though being a college student requires time management skills, the workload only increase post graduation with different responsibilities.  Being an Executive Board member gives you the chance to practice and finesse these skills, which can make the transition to the real world that much easier.
  7. Swag– have you seen the fancy new logo yet?  You could get Executive Board swag covered in the logo’s colors of green, purple, and blue!
  8. Leadership skills– at some point in time in your careers, you’re likely to find yourself in a management position of sorts.  Why not start building those skills now?  Each member of the Executive Board either chairs a Committee or is responsible for managing club/organization officers.
  9. Communication skills– working in a group with 6 other people will give you the opportunity to effectively voice your opinion while listening closely to others’ and working towards a conclusion in a democratic setting.  In addition, you may often have to send forms of communication to a greater audience (ie the student body), which will be a valuable skill that may come in handy one day
  10. Creativity outlet– each position allows for the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing!  Whether it be changing social media efforts, reorganizing the Student Senate, or coming up with new and fun Diversity or Programming events, there will always be opportunity for improvement and change within each position