Feb 09




Reflections On President Trump’s Refugee Executive Order

Stonehill’s community is one of kind. It fosters a place of security and safety. The campus offers safe spaces for all diverse lives, and continues to grow into a more welcoming place for all who come from different parts of the world. With different perspectives on executive orders like Trump’s “Muslim Ban”, which was signed by the president on January 27th, 2017, comes different view points, and reaction to how they effect our every day lives.

The entire Student Government body welcomes every culture. We accept every type of religion. This is what makes us different from other institutions, and every member of SGA is proud to stand by the viewpoint that anyone and everyone should be accepted in our society. From international students who came to Stonehill for a specific and wonderful reason, to the students who’s families came to this country as refugees: we cherish each and every one of your perspectives.

Whether this “ban” is an action plan to make America a “safer place,” or if it used to regulate our country’s immigration process, it carries a stigma of rejection. From the Office of Intercultural Affairs, their “What’s Up Thursdays: A Community Conversation” will be held this Thursday (February 9th) in the DisCo room on the first floor library. It is open dialogue for all students to share their opinions and view points of what it means to be a “safer America.” This event is a collaboration between the following divisions: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and Mission. 

We hope this reflection gives an open mind to all who read.

Oct 31




Career Services: Why you should not take them for granted

It’s come to the time of year, especially as a senior, where the chaos of interviews and in-office visits seems to get the most hectic. At Stonehill, we are incredibly lucky to have a talented and dedicated Career Services staff that are willing to do anything from phone interviews to practically life coaching. The office has a breadth of connections and resources that unfortunately is not used by as many students as could benefit from them. The earlier you start attending their events, the better. Career Services even runs a fantastic domestic internship program that allows students to spend semesters in New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Career Services has supplied me with a large amount of opportunities for both internships and full-time employment and I could not be more grateful. Even now as a senior, when the job hunt is in full swing and stress is running high, I feel confident that I can rely on Career Services for professional connections and support.

My advice: seize all the opportunities they make available to you and use their office as soon as you can in your college career. Whether it be a mock interview, information luncheon, on campus job interviews, or just career counseling, the office has something that can help everyone grow personally and professionally. I promise that you will not regret it.

Mar 02




NEW SGA Camera!

Last summer, the Executive Board met to discuss their goals for the year and one of the major goals discussed was the overall branding and awareness of SGA.  This led into the development of a new logo, this blog, and most recently, the purchase of an SGA camera, meant for general SGA use.

The SGA recognized clubs and organizations host dozens of events month after month, and SGA wants clubs and organizations to be able to document these events and publicize their success.  The Executive Board decided to purchase an SGA camera, which would be available for club and organizations’ publicity coordinators, or presidents if there is no publicity coordinator, to sign out for use during their event.


SGA publicity coordinators or presidents can arrange to meet with any one of the Executive Board members at the SGA office to sign out the camera, and arrange a second time to return the camera to an Executive Board member with all the pictures on the memory card.  The officers are welcome to hold onto the pictures themselves; however, the pictures must remain on the memory card so the SGA Executive Secretary can use them for SGA media means as well.  Click here for the detailed description of the process.


The SGA camera will be ready for use as of Monday, March 5th.  Email an SGA Executive Board member today to sign out the camera and start publicizing your club’s success!

Jan 28





Welcome to the new SGA blog!

At the beginning of the year, the Student Government Executive Board went on a retreat for a weekend to discuss the goals and priorities that SGA would handle this year.  One of the major goals was to increase awareness and understanding of SGA for the student body.  Thus began the process for a new SGA blog!


The blog has multiple different pages with information on the three main branches of SGA: Senate, Programming, and Diversity.  Under each page includes more detailed information about the different groups and committees that fall under each branch.  There is also a page introducing your Executive Board members, as well as a page with instructions on how to start a new club.  You can also go to our different social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, by clicking on the links to the right!


The Executive Board will post regularly about different events that have been hosted on campus.  Clubs and organizations are welcome to send coverage of their events to the Executive Secretary, Shannon Roark, if they would like it to be publicized on the blog.  Senate will also be posting regular updates about their meetings, including progress from the different focus groups as well as big decisions voted on by Senate.


Continue to check back here for updates, and feel free to give any suggestions you might have on content you would like to see posted here!