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Changes APPROVED within SGA

The Student Senate has been working hard for the past four weeks on perfecting a new structural organization to the Student Government Association that will increase the representation of the student body within SGA.  After four meetings of working on positions, their descriptions, and their purposes, the Senate today passed with an almost unanimous vote to approve the new structure.


The major changes occurred within the Class Committees, completely altering the positions and their roles and responsibilities within the committee.  The mission of the committee was also changed, as in the past, it was more “programming” based and beginning next year it will be more “issue” based, meaning that the committees will work to address student concerns and questions instead of hosting social events.


The role of the Programming Committee has also changed too, transitioning from an active role to an advisory position, passing off its traditional programs to its subcommittees and serving as an advisory role in the organization and planning of its subcommittee events.


For a more complete description of the structural changes made, click here to download the Word document.


A special congratulations to our Executive Board and Student Senate for working to approve a change aimed at improving the mission of the Student Government Association!



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