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Choosing to Grab the Green


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Grab the Green is upon us! For the third time, and for the first time during the fall semester, disposable to go containers will not be sold at the cafeteria.
But why are they not being sold? Why does Food Truth every year work with Sodexo to deprive students of the convenience of using a disposable container?
Many students, in the hustle and bustle of their daily schedules, depend on taking food to go in order to eat. Certainly using a disposable container, rather than remembering to carry around a reusable one, is the easier option. Unfortunately, that convenience has led to over 5,000 disposable containers a week being sold. The large majority of these containers end up in landfills, contributing heavily to the amount of solid waste produced by Stonehill. At 33 cents a container, Stonehill students are spending more than $1,650 a week on single-use plastic. For many, including the organizers of Grab the Green, this is just not acceptable.
Grab the Green started in the spring of 2013 as an experiment. By not selling disposable to go containers for only one week, the organizers hoped to demonstrate that the Stonehill community can thrive without them. While the week was a rousing success, raising considerable awareness about solid waste and successfully promoting the use of green reusable containers, many felt that the school could not permanently eliminate disposable containers.
Now, Grab the Green occurs annually to continue raising that awareness. While the inconvenience of not having disposable containers might annoy some, it is only one week. And that one week could make all the difference in creating a more sustainable Stonehill.
So grab that green. Choose to utilize your green reusable container, even after this week is over. Sodexo will clean it for you, you’ll save money over time, reduce your impact on the environment, and you’ll look wicked cool doing it.
Sean Davenport, Executive Vice President
P.S. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here: You’ll be glad you did.

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