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Class of 2019 Opportunity

Currently the position of Class President of the 2019 Junior Class Committee  is vacant. All members of the class of 2019 are eligible to apply, preference will be given to students who are not going to be abroad this year.

Interested juniors should email SGA Executive President Tim Cronin ( by Friday September 15th, 2017 at noon,. Please include: (1) a 3-5 sentence statement of interest, (2) past SGA experience, (3) your study abroad plans for junior year.

Class President role description:

  • Shall act as the Chairperson of the Class Committee
  • Shall create a written agenda for each Class Committee meeting
  • Shall determine the meeting schedule for the Class Committee
  • Shall be concerned with fostering class unity and addressing class specific issues
  • Shall hold a minimum of two (2) pre-scheduled and consistent office hours throughout each academic week of their term.

The selected candidate for Class President is required to attend the Mandatory Class Committee Training on September 15th from 5:30-8:00pm. 

Please email Tim Cronin ( with questions.


The applicable sections of SGA founding and administrative documents include:

  • Student Government Association Bylaws-Article 1, Section 3, Sub-section F
  • Student Government Association Elections Code- Article 4, Section 7

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