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Countdown to Senate – Day 2!

Hello Stonehill!
I first got involved in SGA three years ago at the start of my freshmen year because I wanted to challenge myself and meet new people. I have served as class secretary and publicity coordinator, but I became a general member of Senate last year because I wanted to have a more direct impact and learn about the current happenings of the school. I love going to Senate because it is a wonderful group of students from all different class years and residence halls passionate about making Stonehill a better place. It is a collaborative effort with each person bringing a different point of view to the table. With Stonehill constantly changing and improving, it is a great feeling to see the Senate’s work visibly seen throughout many aspects of student life. This year I am excited hear new voices and see more changes on Stonehill’s campus.
-Lauren Melaugh, Executive Vice President of Student Government Association

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