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Countdown to Senate – Day 3!

Hello everyone!

I first became involved in SGA three years ago when I ran to be a representative on the Class of 2013 Committee.  I always loved being a part of SGA, so after being abroad for a year I still decided to run for Executive Board as Secretary.  Even with being involved so much in SGA, I had never been on Senate.  I am excited to experience a different part of SGA besides the many committee meetings I’ve been to.

I’m eager to be a part Senate since this is where the administration of Stonehill comes to gain a student perspective on issues and it’s where the many student-implemented changes come from.   I believe that Senate is going to be one of the best places for students to come and voice their opinions and concerns this year and I am excited to see what Senate will be capable of doing!


Melissa Beaumont, Student Government Association Executive Board Secretary


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