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Countdown to Senate – Day 5!

Hey Stonehill Community,
                I’ve been involved SGA since the start of my freshman year; thanks to a fellow E-Board member, Melissa, for writing my name in for nominations.  Distinct from the other E-Board members, I was also on E-Board for my junior year.  That was the first time I sat on Senate and was sitting on it as one of the heads as Executive Treasurer.  I quickly saw that senate is where the brainstorming and planning for the most important actions or changes take place on campus.  Anyone is more than welcome to sit in on one or all meetings to voice their opinion or even try to sway or open people’s minds so we can see positive effects on our great campus.  In the past there have been some great accomplishments made and we hope that this year can set a new record for involvement and constructive changes to the place most of us have started calling home.  As an E-board member, I want everyone to know their voice does matter and senate is the perfect place to voice it!
Hope to see everyone at the first meeting,
Terry Rose, Student Government Association Finance Chair

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