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Countdown to Senate – Weekend Edition! Days 6 and 7!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re getting excited for the first Senate meeting. Only a day left! This is my first time on Senate, so I’m looking forward to Monday. I have been involved in SGA, mainly Programming Committee, since the end of my freshman year. It was a great way to get involved and joining the committee was by far the best decision I made since coming to Stonehill. Since I’m new to Senate, it’s going to be a learning experience, so why not join with me? As a senior, I don’t have many opportunities to collaborate with the other classes. I’m excited to work with all years and can’t wait to see what great ideas we come up with!

Senate is an awesome way to get involved and for students to make a difference while working together. It’s more than a club meeting; it’s a chance to build a stronger community with those around you. If you’re interested in joining, then come to the first meeting! See you there!


Rachel Ness

Class of 2013

SGA Executive Programming Chair





ONE Day Left ’til Senate… IT’s SO SOON!

Can you believe the year has already been kicked off, and we are about to start meeting as a SENATE?! This is my first year being a part of SGA, and one of the things I am most excited about is Senate. At Senate, we get a chance to hear directly from the student body what their experience is like here, and what would make it better! As SGA Executive Diversity Chair, this is so important to me because I seek to make Stonehill a comfortable environment for everyone to share their unique identities.

Even if you’re a first-timer (like me!), I hope to see you at the first Senate meeting on Monday, September 17 at 11:30! 

Julie Kelly

SGA Executive Diversity Chair


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