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Everything You Need to Know About State of the Hill!

In accordance with the major developments to Stonehill College in the coming years, SGA has decided to forgo the traditional Town Hall meeting and replace it with a newly structured State of the Hill Address.  The State of the Hill Address is open to the entire student body, and will feature college administrative faculty as the presenters, including our President, Father John Denning!


The State of the Hill’s presentations have been given in front of multiple audiences, and have been perfectly refined for this occasion so that you, the students, are getting the best information available.  The presentations are as follows:


1) Diversity Initiatives on Campus as presented by Father John Denning


2) Academic Restructuring and Transitions as presented by John Pestana and Cris DePina


3) Master Plan and the constructions on campus as presented by Craig Binney


All of these developments are going to have a wonderful impact on student life here at Stonehill College, since all three will improve our resources, programs, and opportunities.  The Diversity Initiatives are currently improving the inclusivity of the Stonehill community, the Academic Restructuring will focus future academic programs for students at Stonehill, and the campus constructions will provide beautiful new facilities to foster greater learning.  Also, if this isn’t enough to be excited about, FREE PIZZA will be provided throughout the event.  Stonehill’s students are some of the most involved and considerate, and it is the action and support of the student body that drive the school’s betterment.  Thanks for reading, and see you all there!screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-8-38-42-am

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