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Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

             As a senior in college currently applying to graduate school, and preparing for plans after Stonehill, I cannot help but appreciate what Stonehill has done for me. This is why I participate with Giving Tuesday.

Soon after Thanksgiving, we begin to participate with days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday, days that focus more on gaining materialistic items. However, we then have Giving Tuesday, a national day of philanthropy when we are all encouraged to give back to something that we value.

For the third year in a row, Stonehill College is participating in Giving Tuesday. This day can be misunderstood, as some people think it is simply Stonehill just asking for money, even though the tuition is high, and even though we still have loans to pay when we graduate. In reality, the day is about so much more.

I am proud to say I have been a scholarship student these past four years, and like many of our students, I can say I would not be able to come to Stonehill if it were not for scholarships. I encourage alumni, parents, and even students to give today to help with scholarships.

Giving Tuesday helps for so much more then scholarships too. In our mission statement, Stonehill calls for us to, “create a more just and compassionate world.” We live out that statement by serving others, with programs like H.O.P.E. No matter where the group is going, each trip is very special as it relates to specific social justice issues that impact the area. So please remember when you give to Stonehill, you can be a part of the process of Stonehill giving back to others outside of our community but close to our heart.

Another reason, especially for seniors to give, is the senior class gift, go big or go home campaign. For the past month, different members of the senior class, the legacy committee, have been meeting with Class President Cody Page, Class Vice President Erin Carberry, and Legacy Committee Advisor Nick Howard ’13. Different members of this committee will be at different stations around campus throughout the day, welcoming our classmates to make a gift. This is not just about Stonehill, but it is about pride in our class as well; the Class of 2016. If you have any questions about the campaign, feel free to reach out to Cody and Erin!

So today, no matter what has made Stonehill special for you, whether it is scholarships, H.O.P.E. or something special to you, think about the opportunities Stonehill has given you, and give back. It will totally be worth it. #GivingTuesday #GoBigOrGoHome

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