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Introducing “Hill Talk”: SGA’s NEW WEEKLY BLOG POST Issue 1: Halloween

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It’s that time of year again! Less than 70 days until Christmas. No? Too soon? Okay, fine. Halloween it is. With only 11 days until Halloween you may be scrambling to find that last minute costume for the HALLOWEEN DANCE ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25TH at 9pm in the SPORTS COMPLEX. Did you like that subtle hint? It’s the perfect meeting place to join all of your friends and kick off the holiday season. For us seniors, it’s our last dance in the Spoco as renovations will be taking over in December for the beautiful addition that will open next fall, so let’s enjoy it one last time!

The question on everyone’s mind this week is “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Who has time to plan a costume when we are just finishing mid-terms? I think we can help here. My best advice would be to go with something easy and fun. Don’t spend $50 for some costume you’ll wear once. Take an old sheet and be a ghost or some red clothes and say you’re the devil. It doesn’t have to be the most elegant costume at the store. More importantly, don’t let your “costume worry” keep you from the dance. It’s not what you wear that will make the good time; it’s the people you spend it with. I’m still not even sure what I’ll be. Freshman year I was a candy corn and sophomore year I was a bag of M&M’s. Food seems to be my common theme; I must have been hungry when I was coming up with ideas. Homemade costumes have always been my go to Halloween costume, usually made of felt scraps my mom sewed together. One year she pinned a place-mat around my neck with a feather duster and told people I was her cleaning lady. After explaining to the twentieth house on the block that you are in fact not a table setting, you really start to wish you had bought the princess outfit on aisle five at Target. But the princess outfit wouldn’t have provided me with these anecdotes from childhood. So here is what I’m saying: Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and make your own costume. I could give some ideas to get you thinking, but I think I tend to take after my mother in the great costume idea department.

Let’s take it back three years ago. I was sitting in the Hill and this boy from my class was sitting in the booth behind me. I casually turned around and asked if he was going to the Halloween Dance. He wasn’t sure because he didn’t have a costume, so I told him he had to because it was our first dance and he couldn’t miss it. Everyone was going. We needed to come up with a great idea. The first thing I blurted out was, “Why don’t you wear all gray clothes, and put yellow masking tape down your middle to be a road”…A road? That was the best I had? He said it was a great idea. Only, he didn’t dress as a road. He didn’t go to the dance and, in fact, he transferred after first semester. I like to think it had nothing to do with my Halloween costume suggestion, but…I guess we’ll never know.

So maybe don’t dress as a road, but don’t skip the dance because you don’t have a costume. There are a million other ideas out there, you just have to be bold enough to take the idea and go with it.

But hey, if you’re really desperate, the road idea is still out there for any of you who dare to take it.

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