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Men’s Community Forum

Dear Stonehill Students, 

As an effort to continue our conversations surrounding issues of campus safety and students’ roles in creating a positive community, the College is hosting a series of community forums aimed at allowing students to continue asking questions, voicing opinions, and offering solutions.

The first of these forums will be a 
Men’s Community Forum where male students only are asked to participate. The event will be held onWednesday, February 12 at 8:00 p.m. in Commons A. This forum is co-sponsored by the Student Government Association, Men Against Violence and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Various male staff, faculty and students will be present to help encourage conversation as well as answer questions. The goal is not to lecture, but to have an open dialogue between men and that would empower them to realize their leadership role on campus and what responsibility they have in creating the type of community we would like to have here at Stonehill.

More information will be forthcoming shortly about the other two forums, one which will allow women on campus to come together and have these same types of conversations.

We hope to see you there!


Men Against Violence

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Government Association

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