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NEW SGA Camera!

Last summer, the Executive Board met to discuss their goals for the year and one of the major goals discussed was the overall branding and awareness of SGA.  This led into the development of a new logo, this blog, and most recently, the purchase of an SGA camera, meant for general SGA use.

The SGA recognized clubs and organizations host dozens of events month after month, and SGA wants clubs and organizations to be able to document these events and publicize their success.  The Executive Board decided to purchase an SGA camera, which would be available for club and organizations’ publicity coordinators, or presidents if there is no publicity coordinator, to sign out for use during their event.


SGA publicity coordinators or presidents can arrange to meet with any one of the Executive Board members at the SGA office to sign out the camera, and arrange a second time to return the camera to an Executive Board member with all the pictures on the memory card.  The officers are welcome to hold onto the pictures themselves; however, the pictures must remain on the memory card so the SGA Executive Secretary can use them for SGA media means as well.  Click here for the detailed description of the process.


The SGA camera will be ready for use as of Monday, March 5th.  Email an SGA Executive Board member today to sign out the camera and start publicizing your club’s success!

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