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Senate 11-2-15

Here are the minutes from SGA Senate’s meeting on Monday, November 2nd, 2015!

SGA Senate Agenda

Monday, November 2, 2015 11:32


Divestment Campaign- Jess Devereaux, Connor Hilbie

  • Long term project
  • Building student support and education
  • Start with contact with SGA
  • Process of divesting fossil fuels and move towards more sustainable energy.
  • Has worked in the past.

Fossil Fuel Company’s

  • Unsafe by almost the double amount of C02
  • Morally wrong- destruction of our planet.
  • Builds case for government action
  • Brings up climate change discussion.
  • Profitable and not lasting long. None renewable.
  • Struggling economy
  • Leads to violence and wars
  • Reinvest in safer ideas for our planet and none violence.
  • Stonehill cannot do this by themselves but takes a moral and strong statement for other colleges to make the government realize this is a serious issue.
  • We have signed pledges committing to climate change and we need to follow through with this- St. Francis Pledge-
  • Created an online petition


This is separate from Solor cap issue?

How do we sign up?

  • Join the facebook group


Finance – Jeanne Finlayson Jennifer Matthews

Has there been anything done?

  • Have met several times- with new graduates, we start from scratch every few years.
  • Still in educational phase. Spoke with investment advisor- Invest in “Funds of Funds’ or “Index Funds”
  • Started a few years ago- Brought proposal to Board of Trustees who now oversee investments.
  • As of June 30th– 189 million dollar endowment.
  • 35 funds- 7 have 3.2 million in subinvestments
  • Assuming small amount invested in fossil fuel.
  • Not invested in the major fossil fuel companies, but a few gas companies. No direct investment in fossil fuel companies.
  • 6 Million that are exposed to oil.
  • Cannot just pull out because there needs to be research on where else the money goes.
  • Stonehill will not end it as a social part, but mostly due to investment.
  • Restart investment education with board in January?

Question- Is it renewable energy

  • Investments in mostly solar energy

Question- Have we divested in companies in the past?

  • We have in 1989 but no one on our board has done it before but it was an easier more specific divestment. No one has taken a definite yes or no on this topic. We have always taken a stance on no direct investments?

Where is the link?

  • Kate will post it on the SGA facebook page.

Where do we go from here?

  • Student body awareness
  • Had tables around campus- Students did not know what divestment was before tables.
  • Effectiveness of divestment. Not really economic effective but mostly social efforts

Are there plans to announce Stonehill supports this?

  • We want other schools to see this. All about the social aspects. Controversial issues are not brought up if there is not a strong interest.

Other schools?

  • Harvard working on it and Hampshire college completey divested. 100 schools either working on it or completely divested.

Finance- Any talks of switching this to green funds?

  • Bringing this to the Board of Trustees
  • Ten year commitment with the green fund and private equity. Have to maximize an alternative if we divest.

Anyway the Trustees can make an announcement for support?

  • It is hard to say because not a lot of education- only 7 members on a subcommittee are involved in this with a new chair- he is interested in what the student body thinks. Too early to tell
  • Some funds may not have oil now but may in the future- Companies that commit to never having it.

Has SEA had an event?

  • Tuesday November 17th event @ 7 pm
  • Professor against divestment speaking
  • Debate on the issue
  • All students welcome and questions

Do you think it is feasible to completely divest?

  • Theoretically no. There will not be a economic issue so far- All social awareness
  • 5 year plan or 10 year plan.
  • Hard to picture a world where it is gone
  • Sue Mooney is their advisor

How can SGA support?

  • Not yet, but just focusing on education
  • Even at sustainability fair, crowd is not aware of it.

Has Senate endorsed something like this?

  • No but it would help show the board of trustees that students care?
  • Help advertising?

How can you pass this on for next year?

  • Co President a sophomore Tony Martucci to continue on for next year
  • Everything is online on the SEA email
  • Young underclassmen
  • Former President and graduate still helping

Are there any efforts that the college is doing to support a clean environment?

  • Almost finished with the bike fair.
  • Promoting unneeded drives to close places- Spoco, lot 17 ect.
  • Underclassmen use shuttle- Rent a car
  • More electric car stations
  • Solar Canobies on Parking Lot- Movement- Hold up by National Grid and not the College- Start the day after graduation
  • Social movement and cost effective
  • Not as much of a snow issue?


  • Updates
  • Mike Middleton IT- First years need to update password soon. 6 months.
    Issues with Hill Spot- Turn off wireless radios. Sends update week before, and 2-3 days before. Go change it online, type current username and password and then change
  • 2018- Planning a clothes drive the week after Thanksgiving 11/30-12/4
  • Diversity- 1 love training Tuesday at 7 pm.


  • Approve minutes
  • Need to be a weekly routine.
  • Michael Middleton notion Anna seconds
  • In favor- Everyone Opposed- No one Sustained- No one
  • Minutes approved


  • Follow up from last week- Actually following through with these



  1. Academics – concerns brought to Friday’s meeting
  2. Food – concerns passed to Kathleen Fitzgerald
  • Speaking at Town Hall
    1. Events – ideas passed to Adrianna
    2. Campus Climate – divestment campaign
  • Better awareness for climate campaign.
  • Fits into larger goal at Stonehill
  • Father John approves
  • Fits with SGA- We helped with the to-go containers.
  • Support from Senate would help- Active students support- Would need to talk with Jim
  • All social movement
  • Attach petition to Senate Highlights
  • Academic meeting
    1. Submitting course evaluations
  • Jamie, Kristen, Michael, Kate met with Dean Almeida, Maria Curtin, and Joe Favazza
  • Course Evaluations- Making process longer, reward incentive. Last ten minutes of a class with laptop. Moved online last year.
  • The course evaluations come at Thanksgiving
  • Lack of middle opinion who found the class alright- Compared to strongly liking class or strongly disliking class.- Missing ideas from that area.
    1. Diversity training for faculty
  • Current is only for academic development day- Nothing required-
    1. Diversity audit of curriculum
  • They look over the courses every semester to see which ones are diversity related.
  • Sending Kate that list soon.
    1. “Life After Stonehill”
  • Technically a life skills class
  • Taught by Andrew Leahy
  • Dean Almeida sending syllabus to Kate soon.
    1. 40 graduate school affiliations
  • Not well advertised.
  • In process of typing up requirements and focus of each program
  • Graduate school fair similar to the job expo.
    1. Next meeting – LC discussion
  • More improvement
  • Having past and current LC Advisor
  • Keeping LC’s but looking at which ones to get rid of and which ones to add.
  • May give responsibility to a senator for project.
  • They will be speaking at Town Hall.


  • It’s On us
    1. Pledges
  • This Thursday
  • Nametags given out on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Give pledges to Kate when you can.
    1. Nametags
  • Pick them up on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Continue to promote the event.
  • Chris and Anna promoted event at Guerilla Girls Event last Wednesday, WHEN and the Moore Center spoke about it as well.


  • Town Hall
    1. Schedule for the evening
  • 5:30 on Wednesday in Martin Auditorium.
  • Start with brief SGA update.
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald from Sodexo
  • Detective from Campus Safety
  • Kevin for policy changes
  • Kristin Pierce for housing.
  • Open Floor Discussion
  • Father John brief closing remarks
  • Everyone should be there and E-Board gives brief intro to speaker.


  • SGA awareness party
  • 11/20 Brother Mikes Friday.
  • Plans for next semester
  • By the Foot- Kid Snacks
  • PR Committee Meets @ 6:30 on Sundays


  • Questions, Comments, Ideas
  • Pick up nametags
  • Wifi questions?

12:28 Final









Kate Morneault (Executive President):

  • Career Services will be coming to Senate November 16th

Anna Craft (Executive Vice President):

  • Working w/ IT to come up with a way to use an online calendar for club/organization

Matt Farrenkopf (Executive Secretary):

  • Putting up Town Hall posters
  • Brainstorming event for 11/20 to raise awareness for SGA

Chris McNamara (Executive Treasurer):

  • Met with Rita Friday to finalize e-mail

Adrianna Rosadio (Executive Programming Chair): No Update

Nisha Khubchandani (Executive Diversity Chair):

  • Planning a program for Native American Heritage Month to be held in November

Ryan McDonough (Executive Finance Chair):

Andrew Hunt (Commuter Senator):

  • Food committee is working on hot breakfast at Sem

Michael Middleton (Commuter Senator): No update

Jamie McDermott (2016 Senator):

  • Karaoke Night Friday, November 6th in the Hill

Jacqueline Durand (2016 Senator):

Molly Wolf (2017 Senator): No Update

Marisa Licata (2017 Senator): No update

Kristen Fontaine (2018 Senator):

Tim Cronin (2018 Senator):

Sebastian Patino (2019 Senator):

Chad L’Heureux (2019 Senator):

Lea Perugini (Heights Senator):

  • Haunted Sem and fall fest successful

Laura Harvey (Corr/Villa Senator):

Rebecca Brackett (O’Hara Senator): No update

Emily Hunter (Boland Senator): No update

Travis Normandin (HCC Senator): Fundraiser soon










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