The SGA Senate is considered the legislative branch of the Student Government Association and is comprised of the Executive Board, the presidents and vice presidents from each Class Committee, and representatives from each residence hall on campus.

Senate breaks off into focus groups of four to five members, each group taking an issue on campus and working to address it during the year.  In the past, focus groups have worked to address issues such as the utilization of 24 hour study spaces, recycling and sustainability on campus, and the availability of newspapers to students on campus.  If you have an idea for a focus group, feel free to submit it by clicking on the “Suggestions” tab and submitting your suggestion!

Senate meets every Monday during the activities period, 11:30am – 12:45pm, in the Cleary Dining Hall located in the upper level of the Commons.  Anyone is welcome to come and hear what issues Senate is currently looking to address each week!

2016-2017 Senators

    • Executive President and Senate Chairperson: Zach Fuierer
      Executive Vice-President: Erin Doherty
    • Executive Treasurer: Alex Esposito
    • Executive Secretary: Cass Squeri
    • Executive Finance Chair: Mike Libertini
    • Executive Programming Chair: Allie Smith
    • Executive Diversity Chair: Jehlad Hickson
    • Class of 2017 Senator: Molly Wolf
    • Class of 2017 Senator: Marissa Licata
    • Class of 2018 Senator: Dillon Neumann
    • Class of 2019 Senator: Trevor Henschel
    • Class of 2019 Senator: Gabby Damico
    • Class of 2020 Senator: Anthony Cavallaro


  • Commuter Senators: Kyle Sullivan & Michael Middleton


  • Pilgrim Heights Senator: Will Coreas
  • O’Hara Hall Senator: Allison Roberts
  • Holy Cross Center Senator: Mary Gill
  • Corr Hall/Villa Theresa Senator: Savannah Fields