Finance Committee

SGA Finance Committee, headed by Executive Finance Chair, Mike Libertini, is responsible for the allocation and control of the funds generated by the Student Activity Fee and/or fund-raised in a way that best serves the interest of the student body.

The aforementioned funds are allocated to groups formally recognized by SGA, and to other groups and purposes, including the sharing of costs of projects with the College or other committees, as decided upon by the Finance Committee.

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Finance Committee Members

  • Mike Libertini: Executive Chair
  • Alex Esposito: Executive Treasurer
  • Ahmed Hassan: 2017 Class Vice President
  • Victoria Giambanco: 2018 Class Vice President
  • Danny Haddad: 2019 Class Vice President
  • Emily Riordan: 2020 Class Vice President
  • Dan Thadeio: Senior Events Treasurer
  • TBD: Programming Treasurer
  • Matt Shumaker: At-Large Member
  • Matt Mullen: At-Large Member
  • Carolina Capote: At-Large Member
  • Erica Hanson: At-Large Member

Mike’s Office Hours- Monday 8:30-10:30am, Wednesday 11:30-1:30

Alex’s Office Hours- Monday 10-11:30, Wednesday 12:15-1:45, Thursday 4-5pm