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SGA Open Positions…Fill ‘Em Up!


Ever thought about running for an SGA position, but never found time?

Check out the open positions for Stonehill Student Government Association!
If you are interested in filling one of the following positions, please send a paragraph of interest to Jessica Beliveau, SGA Executive President ( All applications will be considered until Thursday, May 1st.
Please find position descriptions at the bottom of this message.  Please send any questions to Jessica Beliveau.  Listed below are the positions currently open:
2016 Class Committee
Commuter Life Representative
At-Large Representative
2017 Class Committee
Commuter Life Representative
Programming Committee
Communications Coordinator
Eco Representative
Movie/Comedy Committee
Communications Coordinator
Trip Committee
Communications Coordinator
Special Events Committee
Communications Coordinator
Commuter Senators
Two (2) Commuter Senators
Position Descriptions
At-Large Member (Class Committee and Senior Events Committee): An At-Large Member on a Class Committee or the Senior Events Committee seeks to represent the general studentbody. The At-Large Member will attend all committee meetings and provide input as a voting member of the committee.
Commuter Life Representative: A Commuter Life Representative must be classified as a commuter student, however if a commuterstudent cannot fill this position a residential student may fill this position.  The Representative must maintain active membership within the Stonehill Commuter Council and shall represent the commuter student perspective during Class Committees.  S/he will be responsible for voicing and updating the Class Committee with issues or concerns known to them and brought to their attention by their peers at each Class Committee meeting.
Commuter Senator: A Commuter Senator will serve on the SGAStudent Senate and report to the Commuter Council. Must be a commuter student.
Communications Coordinator (Programming Committees): A Communications Coordinator on a Programming Subcommittee shall oversee the publicity and promotion of that Subcommittee’s events and will also be a voting member of the Public Relations Committee. The Communications Coordinator must also record and publish the agendas and minutes for the meetings.
Treasurer (Programming Committees): The Treasurer for a Programming Subcommittee shall create and maintain a budget for specific events sponsored by the Subcommittee and shall be a voting member of the SGA Finance Committee.
Eco Representative (Programming Committee):  The Eco Representative shall act as the link between SGA and the present Green EBoard on campus.  The representative must attend all SGA Programming Committee meetings and provide input on how to make each event and program more environmentally-conscious and lead with sustainability in mind.

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