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SGA Retreat 2012

This past weekend the Student Government Association held it’s annual retreat!

This year the retreat was a little bit different than usual since it was held on campus, but it was a great way to have SGA members learn about leadership where they will be actually leading.

The retreat was a great way for the members of SGA to interact with each other socially and engage in group bonding activities.  On Friday, everyone went to an SGA event in the Hill with poetry slam artist, George Watsky.  The event enabled SGA members to show their support for another SGA sponsored activity and to see how an SGA event is run.

Other things we accomplished at the retreat included positional training so that everyone could get a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities in SGA. Plus, everyone went through “true colors” leadership training with Jim!

Last, everyone at the retreat participated in a mock town hall where we discussed issues and ideas for the upcoming year.  From the town hall we came up with ideas that will be addressed in focus groups in SGA Senate.

Overall, the SGA retreat was both a fun and productive weekend for everyone.  Everyone is really excited for the upcoming year in SGA and ready to make a difference on campus!


“Find Your Wingman” Activity!


At the SGA event in the Hill!

George Watsky!




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