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Oct 18




#CultureNotCostume Campaign

Recently, students have been asking about the posters that are supposed to make every one aware about the defining line between culture and costume. This is in respects to any one who might feel offended seeing someone dressed up as a costume that represents the stereotypical “Asian” or “Mexican.” We have to understand that this is not some thing appropriate, and it should not occur when going to an institution like Stonehill that is flourishing with beautiful culture.


In late October of 2011, a student organization at Ohio University named “Students Teaching Against Racism in Society” (STARS) launched a campaign to raise awareness about racially insensitive Halloween costumes. On October 21st, the president of the organization posted several images of awareness posters on her Tumblr blog.

On October 26th, 2011 CNN published an article about the controversy surrounding the campaign in an article titled “’We’re a culture, not a costume’ this Halloween.”

The Student Government Association supports this initiative, and encourages students to make the right choices, and look for alternatives to dress up as some thing else.