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Feb 05




SGA Launch Party

Last night, a hundred or so students gathered in the Martin Auditorium to witness the unveiling of the new SGA blog and new SGA logo, as well as hear about the proposed structural changes that the Executive Board has brought to Senate.


The event featured ten tables, all showcasing different elements of SGA.  One included information about upcoming elections, as nominations for Executive Board elections start this month, with nominations for general elections beginning at the end of March.  Another table featured the Executive Board’s Diversity & Inclusion pledge, allowing students to sign their names to pledge against incidents of bias and hate, an initiative the Executive Board started last fall.  Other tables featured upcoming events for different clubs and organizations, as well as for the Programming Committee. Another table showcased this new blog, as well as gave out information on how to follow SGA at our social media accounts.


A very popular table allowed students to give their input on how SGA should give back to the campus using the leftover funds from the SGA account at the end of the year.  Executive Finance Chair Anthony Toppi explained to students how funds aren’t always used and the Executive Board has the ability to use them at the end of the year, and they believe the best way to spend the funds is to ask the students what they want to see.  If you have any suggestions on how the money should be spent, click on the Suggestions tab and leave a comment!  You can also tweet at our Twitter account, using the hash tag #SGA50000.

Students listen to Anthony Toppi as he explains how the $50,000 works

Giveaways featuring our new logo were given out, as well as a couple of raffle prizes including a pair of ice skates to be used on the new rink and spring weekend bracelets.  All in all, the event was a huge success and we hope everyone had a great time!

The Executive Board with their advisor Jim Hermelbracht, wearing sweatshirts featuring the new logo of SGA