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Jul 24




What We’ve Learned Already

This past June, the SGA E-Board for the 2013-2014 school year got together on campus to start planning for the fall. Here are some things that we learned as an E-Board and are looking forward to implementing:

Jess Beliveau- “On retreat, I learned that Stonehill SGA’s nearly $400,000 budget for student programs comes from the student fee on your tuition bill—and also that every program is student-planned. What programs would you like to see? Let your voice be heard as a SGA member or at a Town Hall this fall!”

MaryCharlotte Buck- “Literally everything about the student Senate. I had no idea what happened on those Monday activity period meetings, but now I’m looking forward to them! Especially the dressing snazzy aspect.”

Ryan Perkins- “One thing I learned at the retreat is that the treasurer is the only E-Board position that does not lead a specific sub-committee!”

Catie Grasso- “On the retreat, I learned that the SGA E-Board holds a lot more power than I had initially realized. With our involvement in Student Government, Senate, Committees, and campus-wide clubs, the areas in which we can genuinely make a difference are limitless!”

C.J. Bradford- “One thing that I didn’t know about Stonehill SGA but do know now is that there is a Hearing Committee which is responsible for the discipling and sanctioning and possible removal SGA elects.”

Christina Scanlon- “I knew that SGA was a large organization of campus, but I did not realize how many different committees made up SGA.”

Kadian McNeill- “Before the retreat I knew that SGA had something called Senate but I did not know anything about it until after the retreat. I now know what it is, its purpose, and that any student can join it to help make good changes on campus.”

We also did a LOT of eating…and participated in the My Brother’s Keeper Fundraiser Walk around Stonehill’s campus and through the neighboring Sheep Pasture, in effort to fund the MBK deliveries that take place throughout the year!