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Apr 23




$50,000 Campaign Winner!

The results of our $50,000 campaign are in. After a month long campaign to solicit ideas from the student body, SGA is proud to announce that the winner is our Sustainability Package option.

The Sustainability Package includes a number of water bottle filers, multi-stream recycling bins, and energy saving motion sensor lights. A combination package of these sustainability tools will help Stonehill reduce waste and energy consumption as well as help students practice a more sustainability lifestyle.

The SGA E-Board is currently meeting with staff from the Facilities, Purchasing, and Operations Departments to lay-out an implementation plan. The plan will cover the installation of the water bottle filers and motion sensor lights over the summer months. The E-Board will also deeply consider placement of the Sustainability package items to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We would like to thank all of the students, faculty, and staff who made this $50,000 campaign a huge success. SGA prides itself on incorporating the many voices of their constituents into a proactive movement for Stonehill at large. Our work is only a small example of how organized, efficient, and inspired students can change the Stonehill community for the better.



Mar 07




Speech Night!

Tonight, the candidates for the 2012-2013 Executive Board stood up in front of a crowd to address their qualifications and goals for the upcoming academic year.  The night started off with the candidates for the Executive Diversity Chair position and ended with the Executive President candidates’ speech.


The candidates for each position are as follows:


Executive President:  Courtney Beauregard

Executive Vice President:   Lauren Melaugh

Executive Treasurer:   Matt McCormack

Executive Secretary:   Melissa Beaumont

Executive Finance Chair:  Terry Rose       Mary Louise Dixon

Executive Programming Chair:   Rachel Ness        Nina Garambone

Executive Diversity Chair:    Julie Kelly     Lindsay Bouzan


Voting will begin tomorrow, March 7th, at noon and continue until Friday, March 9th, at noon.  Voting is open to the classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 only.  You can either vote online by logging into eLearn or stop by the Elections lounge outside the SGA office for some SGA paraphernalia and candy and vote there!  You will also be able to see trifolds prepared by each candidate highlighting their credentials.


Instructions for voting on eLearn:

  • Go to eLearn which can be accessed via myHill.
  • Under the “Community Groups” section, you should find the Class of 20xx Elections group.
  • If you turned off your Community Groups section, you will need to edit your page settings. (click “Edit Page” on your home page; click “Add Components” and then select the box next to Community Groups).
  • If the Class of 20xx Elections group does not appear under this section, please contact the Help Desk (508.565.4357).

Feb 14




Changes APPROVED within SGA

The Student Senate has been working hard for the past four weeks on perfecting a new structural organization to the Student Government Association that will increase the representation of the student body within SGA.  After four meetings of working on positions, their descriptions, and their purposes, the Senate today passed with an almost unanimous vote to approve the new structure.


The major changes occurred within the Class Committees, completely altering the positions and their roles and responsibilities within the committee.  The mission of the committee was also changed, as in the past, it was more “programming” based and beginning next year it will be more “issue” based, meaning that the committees will work to address student concerns and questions instead of hosting social events.


The role of the Programming Committee has also changed too, transitioning from an active role to an advisory position, passing off its traditional programs to its subcommittees and serving as an advisory role in the organization and planning of its subcommittee events.


For a more complete description of the structural changes made, click here to download the Word document.


A special congratulations to our Executive Board and Student Senate for working to approve a change aimed at improving the mission of the Student Government Association!