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Mar 22




Meet This Year’s Executive Board!



President- Jess Beliveau, ’14


Major- International Studies and Foreign Languages (Spanish and French)
Hometown- Amherst, NH
Campus Involvement- Student Government Association President, Peer Mentor for Stonehill Orientation, Intramural Sports. I also studied abroad in Spain and interned full-time in Washington, D.C.
Favorite Memory at Stonehill- Meeting my best friends in O’Hara freshman year. Who knows where I would be without them!
Fun Fact- I once had a bag of chips stolen from me… by a monkey… in a moving vehicle… on the rock of Gibraltar.



Vice President- Mary Charlotte Buck, ’14


Major– Religious Studies & Spanish
Hometown– Andover, MA
Campus Involvement– Peer Mentor, Into the Streets Coordinator for My Brother’s Keeper, HOPE Leader, Student Activities office employee, and Information Desk Queen
Favorite Memory of Stonehill– Meeting my friends freshman year!
Fun Fact– Last semester during my study abroad travels, I saw Mumford and Sons perform TWICE!




Treasurer- Ryan Perkins, ’14


Class Year– 2014
Major– Marketing Management
Hometown– Shrewsbury, MA
Campus Involvement– I am a pole vaulter on the track and field team, have played intramural soccer, held various positions on SGA Senate for the past 3 years, and am a member of the MMA.
Favorite Memory at Stonehill– Winning the NE-10 championship for the first time in school history this past winter season.
Fun Fact- I can ride a unicycle.


Secretary- Catie Grasso, ’14


Major– English major, Communications minor
Hometown– Stratford, CT
Campus Involvement– Member of the Rugby Team, Spoco Supervisor extraordinaire, CAIRN Treasurer and Poet, Special Olympics volunteer, Intramural athlete, studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark!
Favorite Memory at Stonehill– Oh man, so many to pick from but top three are probably playing in the Rugby Northeast Championship, going to the nationally televised football game at Stonehill vs UNH and seeing the Skyhawk Nation movement really take off at Stonehill.

Fun Fact-On my 20th birthday, I went skydiving from 10,000 feet in the air! Also, I have a bizarre obsession with do-it-yourself frozen yogurt.


Finance Chair- CJ Bradford, ’14



Major– Finance & Economics
Hometown– East Bridgewater, MA
Campus Involvement– Hall council, Financial Management Association, Ultimate Team, Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative
Favorite Memory at Stonehill– Living in the SEM freshman year and meeting all of my friends.
Fun Fact– I am color blind





Programming Chair- Christina Scanlon, ’14

Major– Environmental Studies and Psychology, Bio minor
Hometown– Brookline, MA
Campus involvement- Student Ambassador, Manager of the Cross-Country and Track & Field team, Coordinator and member of Mind and Body Special Interest housing, Stonehill Farm volunteer, Involved with various sustainability efforts at Stonehill, and was a Resident Assistant.
Favorite memory- I have a lot of favorite memories, but one of my favorites was when I lived in the Sem and my friends and I would all eat together in the Sem cafe every night. Another one of my favorite memories was at the end of my junior year when a few of my first year residents gave me the most adorable card with mini thank you notes inside from each of them. It meant so much to me!
Fun Fact- I have gotten over 100 x-rays!


Diversity Chair- Kadian McNeil, ’14


Major– Accounting with Chinese minor
Hometown– Northampton, Ma
Campus Involvement– ALANA-A Brothers & Sisters Program, SGA Diversity Committee, HOPE, Asian American Society, Diversity on Campus, DiverCity Planning Committee, Salsa, & Bollywood
Favorite Memory at Stonehill– Sledding down Donahue with my friends the day after the blizzard
Fun Fact– I have a passion for learning about other countries and different cultures