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The Importance of Finding a Mentor

Throughout high school, I can vividly remember the intense bonds that my classmates would form with various teachers, advisors, and administrators. shat stuck out to me most, was that so many of us were finally figuring out our passions and would therefore find ourselves connected to a particular class or instructor. My mentor(s) through high school were always my Spanish teachers. They were the ones I sought all of my advice from, the ones I took cues from as I started to apply to colleges, and the ones I still look forward to visiting all these years later.
College, much like high school, brought about new passions, and from this, new mentors. The type of mentors you find in college, however, take on a completely different role, in my opinion. When I think of Student Government, I immediately think of Jim Hermelbracht, our advisor. I think I speak for the entire Executive Board, at the very least, in saying that he has been a mentor to all of us through our years at Stonehill, and (on a personal level) in many ways inspired me to run for my position as Vice President.
A mentor like Jim is so essential as we go through our formative years at college. Not only are our passions growing and changing, but we are continuously pushed outside of our comfort zones.

I can recall a number of times when I have been frustrated, confused, or simply in need of a bit of inspiration- all of which can be addressed by someone you have come to know and admire.
This post is particularly important to me at this time as I recently sought out Jim’s advice as my mentor. After spending my junior year abroad, I thought a transition back into SGA would be seamless, and would hopefully help me to ease back into my home at Stonehill. A few months in, I realized that I needed a bit of guidance as to how to “re-adjust”, especially into my role. Jim offered personal experience, his own ideas, and tangible plans to help me along- about a week later, I feel infinitely more at “home”. There truly is so much value in finding a person like this; someone who knows how to push you, while comforting and guiding you at the same time.

On behalf of all of us, thank you Jim!

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