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The Value of IDEAS Courses

The traditional classes offered at Stonehill are great. However, IDEAS courses offer a unique opportunity to learn from your peers. IDEAS stands for Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill; they are student-run courses that aim to educate students on a topic that may not be offered in the traditional course offerings at Stonehill. Listed below are some reasons why you should take an IDEAS course.

  1. They are taught by your peers. How often do you get to take a class that is not taught by a professor? These classes are totally run by students, which helps to foster a different kind of discussion.
  2. These are not typical course offerings. The variety of courses being offered allow students to explore a subject that they may be interested in, but are not able to incorporate into their academic schedule. They also offer a new perspective on topics that may have been discussed in traditional classes.
  3. They offer opportunities to generate a discussion with other students. This type of course encourages open discussion and allows people to express their opinions. Only your peers are present, so you are able to speak a little more than you might in your traditional classes.
  4. You may meet new people that you might not have met otherwise. Since these classes do not necessarily apply to any specific majors, people who are interested in the topic may take a class that they would not be able to take otherwise. These people may not be in your traditional classes because the IDEAS courses offer different topics that stray from traditional courses.
  5. You may find an interest in a new topic. These courses allow you to expand outside of your comfort zone and outside of your traditional course schedule. If you think you are interested in a topic, take that class. You never know, you could find a new area of interest for yourself.

IDEAS courses offer an opportunity to learn about something that you may not have considered when choosing traditional classes. If you are at all interested, make sure to check out the different course offerings on the IDEAS Facebook page. Also, registration starts during Add/Drop period, which begins on November 30th. They are limited to eight students per class and are first come, first serve. Make sure to reserve your spot in a class!


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