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Town Hall Follow-Up!

Last Wednesday, SGA held it’s Town Hall meeting where students and administrators came together to discuss any issues, questions, or concerns.

Before the question and answer section of the Town Hall began, SGA and the Planning Committee gave updates.

First, Executive Vice President Lauren Melaugh gave updates on the Senate Focus groups.  The following are the focus groups and the contact SGA members for each group:

  • Parking-   Jackson Reilly
  • Operational Hours-   Billy O’Donnell
  • Space Improvements-   Nick Culbert
  • Environmental Initiatives-   Lindsey Beauregard
  • Commuter Life-   Brett Gammon


Next,  Executive Diversity Chair Julie Kelly presented on the Revised Inclusion & Bias Protocol.  Here are some key points from her presentation:

  • Pro-Social Bystander training is now available
  • There is a re-launch of the red shirt campaign- students are welcome to sign or re-sign the bystander pledge located in the SGA office and receive a red bystander shirt if they do not have one already


Lindsey Beauregard, President of the Class of 2013 presented on the Planning Committee, which deals with long-term and strategic planning.  They have 6 questions they are currently using to guide their efforts:

  • Catholic identity
  • Who will be enrolled?
  • The changing environment
  • Outcomes as a university
  • Organization
  • Resource growth


In addition, the Planning Committee is working on a sustainability plan that includes:

  • Creating a public plan
  • Changing from oil to gas heat, using energy saving light bulbs and shower heads
  • Hiring an outside energy manager


Last, Executive Treasurer Matt McCormack presented on the new structure of SGA that was put into place last year:

  • The Programming committee now serves in an advisory manner, is made up of only elected members
  • Class committees are longer focused on programming, but on addressing issues specific to their class
  • Class Committee now includes a programming rep, diversity rep, campus ministry rep, athletics rep, two at-large members
  • Vice President has changed to include the role of treasurer
  • Publicity Coordinator and secretary are combined in one role as Communications Coordinator


After these updates, the Executive Board members went on to facilitate the question and answer section between students and faculty.  The section was split into three different topic areas that included academics, resources, campus and student life, and then ended with an open floor section. Some of the issues that came up ranged from questions on the first-year writing seminar or problems with required classes only being offered one semester to issues about sustainability or the availability of counseling and testing.

During the next few weeks, SGA and the college faculty and staff will take a look at the notes taken at the Town Hall meeting and see what issues can be resolved quickly and what issues will need some long term work on.  They will send out a campus-wide email addressing the results of the Town Hall.

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