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What Makes a Good Leader? Hear from the E-Board!

Recently, the SGA E-Board was interviewed regarding the top three qualities that they believe makes a good leader…not solely in Student Government, but in any environment: class, sports, in the community, or even with friends.

What Makes a Good Leader to you?

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A Leader Must Be…

Jess Beliveau, President – Someone with Value, Communication, and Vision! “A leader must be a natural born goal-setter! In addition, a leader must always be available to talk; please drop by the SGA Office to ask for clarification or offer an idea!”

MC Buck, VP- Passionate, Enthusiastic, Caring

Ryan Perkins, Treasurer- Empathetic, Accountable, Confident

Catie Grasso, Secretary- Captivating, Intelligent, Motivated

C.J. Bradford, Finance Chair- Confident, Proficient, Engaging

Christina Scanlon, Programming Chair- Responsible, Passionate, a Mentor

Kadian McNeill, Diversity Chair- Positive Role Model, Inspirational, Open-Minded

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