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LA Internship Fall 2010: Inside Social Media at Warner Brothers

Lauren Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has a Twitter account that they frequently tweet from in order to stay in touch with their fans. My job was to take a look at their Twitter account and brainstorm 30 new tweets for the department. Although this sounded…

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LA Internship Fall 2010: Interning at CBS

Ally As I pulled out of the CBS parking garage at nearly 6:00 p.m. on Monday night after another busy day at work, a peculiar yet intriguing thought entered my mind. While I sped down Ventura Blvd. to pick up my roommate from her internship…

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LA Internship Fall 2010: Networks & Networking

Ally This past week, a divisive article appeared in Marie Claire Magazine‚Äôs online blog. The premise of the story ridiculed overweight couples, particularly referring to the new CBS comedy Mike & Molly which features two obese adults who find love after attending an Overeaters Anonymous…

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