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Revisiting Kony 2012

  Greetings! I have recently returned from a two week excursion to Uganda with my SIT study abroad group. Though we visited a few cities in the south (including Kampala), the majority of time was spent in a northern city called Gulu. The trip was…

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  • Buddies celebrating Easter.

    Buddies celebrating Easter.

  • Buddies hanging out at the HOPe house.

    Buddies hanging out at the HOPe house.

Spreading HOPe

This post, written by Amber Hubbard, is the fourth in a series of entries from Stonehill College’s Into the Streets team. The House of Possibilities is a magical place and you may not know how magical it can be until the second you step foot inside. For…

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Intern & Entrepreneur

To say I’ve had a very busy week will be an understatement. My week consisted of working full-time at MGM studios, increasing my days at the gym with my personal trainer, job searching while simultaneously applying for my masters, maintaining long-distance relationships with loved ones,…

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Living in the Moment & Planning for the Future

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day! It has been an eventful two weeks here in Los Angeles. Since both my and Amy’s friend were here a week ago, as well as Professor Leone, we have been quite busy lately. We had an alumni dinner while Professor Leone was…

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Bubble Burst

It’s hard to believe it’s been a little bit more than 2 months since we arrived in Los Angeles. I’m not usually one that falls back on the “time flies” expression, but in this case, time has definitely flown by. A couple of weeks ago…

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Boats on boats on boats…Venice adventures

Welcome to a world of boats, gondolas, and hundreds and hundreds of pigeons…. Welcome to the world of Venice- a city roughly 3 and a half hours north of my temporary home in Florence and one of the oldest, most unique cities in all of…

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Center of Campus

Inspired by Fr. Hugh Cleary’s closing words of love at the 9:00 PM Mass on the Sunday we all returned from Spring Break, I would like to give some love to the Chapel of Mary. Truly for a lot of reasons, this building is the…

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Why do you serve?

This post, written by Sarah Leach, is the third in a series of entries from Stonehill College’s Into the Streets team. I have often been asked why I devote so much of my time to service.  My parents, my friends, my sisters – those I look up…

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The LA Network

It is my 13th year of teaching at Stonehill, and, on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013, I had one of my best days here. Well, not quite “here,” but in Los Angeles. That evening, I had dinner at my good friend Matt’s restaurant, Zach’s Café, with…

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Osasu & Tazo

On Thursday we had our monthly dinner with Chris Gagne; this week it was at Benihana. It was my first time there and I was amazed by the culture and food, but more so by the engaging tricks performed by our personal Chef, Mr. Tazo….

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