A Busy Week!


The firm got some good press this week between the NBA All-Star Weekend and Diddy’s release of his new vodka. Also, John Terzain, one of the owners of the chain of restaurants we represent, has teamed up to open a new nightclub on the strip in Vegas: Heart of Omnia. My supervisor asked me to search for stories regarding the highly anticipated nightclub opening in March. In addition, I was required to begin a case study this week for Ciroc. I was unsure of what a PR case study was, but my supervisor was really good about teaching me how to do it. I focused on one specific event with Ciroc, which was the Oscars 2014. I needed to research how our firm prepared for the show and the overall results of the event. It was very interesting to look further into the events and how they planned, and also the success of such events. Case studies are a huge part of public relations so it was awesome to learn about them.

Since my whole apartment has Fridays off, we decided we were going to wake up and hike the Culver City steps for sunrise. It was extremely difficult to get out of bed at 5 in the morning on my day off, but it was definitely worth it. We hiked 300+ steps and could see the entire city at 375 feet above sea level. Unfortunately it was very cloudy Friday morning so we were unable to see the sun rise, but it was still wonderful. The view was incredible. We will definitely be doing that again. For Christmas my brother got me two tickets to the Celtics/Lakers game on Sunday! Meagan and I went to the game together, and it was a really awesome time. It was definitely weird being the away team for once, especially as a diehard Celtics fan. We did have a couple of Boston fans around us though, which was nice. They ended up losing the game, but it was still an amazing and intense game. We got a buzzer beater three pointer to tie the game in the fourth quarter and send it to overtime. Really wish we could have pulled through with the win, but it was a valiant effort. Time to see what this next week in the city of angels brings!