A Stonehill ‘Intruder’


This week was particularly exciting for me. Tuesday night marked my first time working at an event for MPRM Communications. The company held a screening of the direct-to-DVD movie The Intruders at a local movie theater. The screening was followed by a question and answer session with the film’s star, Miranda Cosgrove. Most people know Miranda from the Nickelodeon shows Drake & Josh and iCarly.

My primary duties at the screening involved helping to set up the VIP seating area and escort special guests to where they needed to be once they arrived. After the movie was over, my superiors asked me to stay in the audience and think of a few questions to ask Miranda, just in case. However, people ended up being very willing to participate, which was great! Although I only played a small role in the running of this event, I was happy to contribute in some way. It was an awesome experience!

Prior to my attending the screening, Leif Helland, an account executive in MPRM’s DVD department, sat me down to have a discussion about what goes into promoting a DVD release. During this conversation, I learned that it is a little more difficult to get the word out about direct-to-DVD releases because they don’t have the same recognition that theatrical releases do. Promoters can’t rely on word of mouth alone, so MPRM must host events like The Intruders screening to help promote these movies. This conversation proved eye-opening and provided me with great insight into the intricacies of promoting a DVD.