Behind the Scenes

A note from Prof. Leone: While the LA interns submit their journals–the source material for these posts–independently, a curious thing happened this week. Both Kate and Krista wrote about their “behind-the-scenes” work (and their shopping trip to Rodeo Drive!)….


This week I got to help set up the audience holding room, instead of greeting audience members and checking them in. Then I got a real treat, because I got to watch Queen Latifah in rehearsal. The rehearsal process offered a fascinating insight into the show’s problems get worked out, before they are seen by an audience. The process isn’t filled with the same energy and gusto as the live performance, but I was just as excited and felt privileged to be able to watch. From what I gathered while watching, they use this time for Queen Latifah to go over some main talking points and basic blocking, and for the cameras to know what angle to shoot from.

While most people on the set went about their work, since this is a normal part of their day, I felt as though I had to contain my enthusiasm. Every time I am on set or back stage I am always trying to take in everything happening. This entire internship is one long learning process and something I could never experience on campus. So every time I see a new aspect of production or learn more about the show, I try to take in every detail, because the things I am learning I can’t look up in a book or review on a power point slide.


I encourage future L.A interns to find two different internships. I find that it really keeps work fresh; you feel you’re learning twice as much than you would at a single placement. Working at two different companies is giving me a more well-rounded experience (not to mention it will be a resume booster!). So, this week I acquired a lot of behind-the-scenes knowledge at both Konnect PR and with Barry Katz. I’ve learned the process that actors go through before they are even hired, and how companies’ publicity traffic is monitored.

At Barry Katz I have started to go through what is called The Breakdowns, a database in which casting directors post roles they need filled for commercials and feature films, as well as episodic roles for television. My job is to go through the ads and our client list and make good matches. The clients are then notified and decide if they want to audition or not. I get to read about different films that are in pre-production, and I get a heads up on what will be coming in future episodes of popular shows, like “Modern Family,” “Cougar Town,” and “Castle.”

My role at Konnect this week appeared at first to just be some busy work, but I actually found it fascinating. One of Konnect’s clients, Nautica, hosted a triathlon in Malibu last week. Celebrities participated in this event to endorse their different charities, and many celebrities = lots of publicity! I was given copies of all media coverage of this event and assembled booklets of different media to send to Nautica as a portfolio indicating how Konnect publicized the event. every media outlet that had covered the event.

Now that it’s the weekend we are putting all work aside and having some fun. I have allowed myself (finally) to go shopping and have embarked on a trip to Rodeo Drive and the Fashion District. Sunday is the Emmy’s, and we passed by the set-up for the event today! We’re thinking of making a red-carpet appearance, and I’ll have even more appreciation for it now that I am actually a part of the process that brings stars to the screen.