Breaking Good!


Some big news at work this week. I got called into the office of one of the higher ups in the office, and he offered me a job as the corporate office assistant (or he called it “super intern”), and I’m going to get paid for the last month of my internship! He began explaining how I am the best intern they have and how he has a lot of confidence in me. It was a great compliment, and it made me realize that my work is genuinely appreciated. I start tomorrow!

My parents were here (yay!). One thing we did that was super cool was we went on a tour of Sony Entertainment, and I got to see the RV from Breaking Bad and the car that Walt drove! I was having a mini freak out, and the tour guide just kept referring to me as “the Breaking Bad fan.” We also got to see the set of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, which was really cool. My brother came out to visit with his girlfriend too. We all went to the beach together one day, and it was gorgeous (as always). My parents and brother loved coming out here… they didn’t want to leave. It was really awesome having them here because I am such a family oriented person. It’s really hard to believe that I only have about a month left out here. The time absolutely flew by. I’ve done some pretty incredible things while being out here, and I am very grateful for that.