Earning Credit


Though Barry is a talent manager, he works a lot of projects on the side as an executive producer, etc. This works really well in my favor as I get to learn about the business side of entertainment, and about production too. One project that he is working on is a documentary about the assassination of JFK. All of the footage he is using was previously shot, but he is re-compiling it into a brand new program with different takeaways, chronology, etc.; it’s an entirely different presentation of events. I’ve been helping him with this for most of the semester now and have really enjoyed doing it. Now that he is pitching the project to different networks for syndication, he is putting the final edits on the documentary.

The other day he had me watch the most recent version and take notes. I was supposed to make note of anything that was confusing in the content, didn’t transition smoothly, etc. When I sent them to him we had a conversation and he really listened to what I said. Almost immediately afterwards I heard him on skype with his editor, and he made some of the changes that I thought needed to happen. I was surprised that he took the opinion of an inexperienced voice like mine seriously. To make it even more surreal, at the end of the documentary I was so excited to see that my name was included in the rolling credits! Barry listed the three interns he is working with this semester. This will not only look amazing on a resume, but it also just feels so cool! Barry told me that he was 40 years old when he got his first professional credit. I’m half his age and already have one!