Experiencing the Life of a PR Professional


Since Ciroc was the official cocktail of the Grammys, we got plenty of press because most parties were sponsored by the vodka, which was definitely a huge plus for our firm. Every Wednesday we get the weekly magazines, and I am required to look through each magazine for client mentions. We definitely get more publicity online, but we do have some in print. I also look through those magazines to search for potential places where we can pitch for our clients. Once I finish with the magazines, I usually meet with the corporate division of my firm and discuss ideas I gathered from looking through the magazines. It has been an awesome experience thus far. I love working with EMC|Bowery.

With the Oscars quickly approaching, we’re getting into gear preparing for all of the pre-Oscar parties. I put together a spreadsheet of the parties with all the contact information so we can try to have Ciroc be a major offering at them. I also learned a lot about designing pitches for our clients. Once red carpet season is over, I will be working a lot more one on one with my supervisor to really gain an understanding of the public relations field. One of my bosses was asking me about when I graduate, which is not until next May. He was pretty bummed because he said I would make an awesome candidate for a full time position! What a great compliment!

This weekend we traveled to Huntington Beach, which was perfect! It was a great way to spend the day, especially because it was a solid 85 degrees out. There was a surfing competition; it was really cool to see all of the surfers out in the ocean during their unreal moves. Just seeing California has been amazing. Between the palm trees and the sunsets, everything is beautiful. Like I keep saying, this experience is unbelievable. So grateful and blessed!