“Feeling” L.A.


I felt my first earthquake on Monday! Thankfully, nothing was damaged but I did blame it for my drowsiness the rest of that day since it woke me up 30 minutes before my alarm.  This week was my first week working on the film side at MPRM. The film and DVD tasks are a lot different from what I was doing on the digital media side. I drafted some generic junket questions for one of our upcoming films this week, and helped do some research for other films either coming out on DVD or in theaters.

This weekend I went to my last Paleyfest panel for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I’m so glad I was able to go to three of them and this last one was definitely my favorite. It was so interesting seeing the cast talk about each other and what they think about certain plot points. Also, the audience was super excited and the cast was definitely feeding off that energy. I managed to snag autographs from a few of the stars and overall it was a great night and perfect way to end my Paleyfest adventure. Next weekend I’m going to San Francisco/San Jose to visit my best friend over there so I’m super excited for that!