“Galentine’s” Day & Sunny L.A.


Each week here brings something new. This week work has begun to pick up, as the other interns and I were given a lot more responsibility because most of the office coordinators were going to New York for Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special. I have been responsible for putting together daily press kits and rating reviews. I’m learning how much the “little things” count. My first couple weeks here were frustrating because I felt like I was doing unimportant tasks, like answering phones. But my transferring and conferencing calls, or politely putting people on hold—all these diminutive tasks—actually benefit people in the company.

On Friday afternoon, to celebrate “Galentine’s Day,” everyone in my apartment attempted to visit Hollyhock House, built by Francis Lloyd Wright. It was undergoing reconstruction for the past three years and this past Friday it was open to the public for free! Sadly, when we went Friday the line was incredibly long so we ended up going home to watch a movie. We tried again Monday morning but still had no luck. There was a beautiful park surrounding it and we decided to just relax on the grass and enjoy the view! Saturday was incredibly hot, so we engaged in some Stonehill bonding and spent the day at Huntington Beach. Overall this week was very exiting and I can’t wait to see what the next brings!