Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s hard to believe that there are only two weeks left in our semester here. It’s so much different than the end of the semester at Stonehill for more reasons than the fact that I’ll be flying home to Mass., unsure of when I’ll ever come back to LA. The end of the semester at Stonehill is usually a crash course in absorbing as much information as possible, carefully scheduling hours of sleep to finish papers and study guides, and then everything wraps up. That’s not what it’s like at work. New projects keep coming, and it’s weird to know that I’m starting some things that I won’t see finished. At Barry’s office in Beverly Hills (pictured above), I’m still reading new scripts, starting to compile new press books, and ultimately doing what I can to make a good final impression.

This week the offices were pretty much in Holiday mode, so nothing too exciting happened. The employees were taking it easy so I found myself just helping out with many minute tasks instead of big tasks. Konnect PR hosted a Thanksgiving potluck, which was very fun. They brought in a full 27 lb. turkey and everybody brought dishes. It actually felt like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which I was happy about as this was my first one away from home.

The week before Barry was hosting a comedy special for his client, Owen Wilson. A comedy special is a free show that a comedian hosts to promote himself and get a stronger following. This special was also important to both Owen and Barry because it was the first special taped completely on iphones. In addition to helping set up, I transcribed the show, typing up the jokes that instigated a strong audience reaction. Initially I didn’t see how this was helpful, but between shows Owen and Barry went through the transcript and reviewed all the jokes and sketches.

The holiday week wrapped up very nicely. Kate and I ran the Burbank 5k on Thanksgiving and ate at a local diner. We also ventured to San Diego which was absolutely stunning. I fell in love with it like I did when we visited Laguna Beach. It’s only two hours away; I really recommend spending the gas money to make the day trip!