Kyle’s LA Week: Work, Work & Play II

As Week 2 began, so did both of my internships, which meant that exploration time was over and real life was beginning.  My week started with my internship at The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Each intern is assigned a role at the beginning of the day and will either be checking in audience members and putting them in lines according to their ticket types, getting information about each guest on the line, or will be giving out umbrellas to the line for shade.Each of the jobs, even the umbrella one involves great customer service and reflects upon the show. Interns also interact with audience members, and learn about each one of them. On Thursday, the producer was asking about audience members’ countries of origin, and I was able to give him that information because of my interaction with them outside. (As a side note, I almost walked into Christina Ricci as I was getting into the elevator).

On Tuesday I began my internship with Barry Katz Entertainment and was immediately thrown into the thick of things due to the immediacy of pilot season.  I was given the task of checking this season’s pilot breakdowns for which Barry could submit his clients’ names. His clients are mostly comedians: Jay Mohr, Cheri Oteri, Nikki Cox, and Bill Bellamy, to name a few. Before I could submit his clients for roles, I needed to watch their clips and then figure out which roles best fit each person.

When I finally left on Friday, I was so exhausted that I passed out after I went to get dinner, which was my first chicken and waffle experience!  On Saturday, Miranda, Jenny and I went to Universal Studios. We all had a great day and even received annual passes. After we got home, I needed to get ready rather quickly because a friend of mine invited me to a birthday party get together for a former GUESS model.  It was fun and a great experience getting to meet very successful people in the industry.