L.A. Reflections III: Osasu

I’m extremely saddened that my time in Los Angeles is coming to a close in a matter of days. This was my last full weekend here in LA before my roommates/group mates, not even sure what to call us anymore, head to San Francisco next weekend, and then it’s back to Boston for yours truly.

Although I’m really going to miss LA and the broad network of people I’ve met here, I’m glad to be returning home with new found friends and people I never expected to impact my life the way they have. The close-knit bond the five of us have made out here was at first essential, simply because we were the only ones we knew out here in LA. But as time progressed we realized we sincerely enjoyed the company of each other and then proceeded to forming a friendship, which has now blossomed into a family of five.

Our conversations and experiences have been nothing short of empowering and uplifting. At times, when one of the girls or I need a shoulder to lean on or someone to ask for advice about topics ranging from work to personal matters, we were able to provide that kind of support system for one another. Even when I locked myself out of my apartment while doing laundry, I was able to knock on Brendan’s door and find a place to stay for a few minutes. Little gestures like this really made me appreciate the support system I have out here.

I feel very blessed to have these four other hardworking individuals as my LA group members. They’ve kept me going strong, motivated me to try new things (like hiking, which I now enjoy) and helped me move outside my comfort zone every once in a while. It is an understatement to say they’ve made an impact on me; if not for my “family,” I’m not sure I would have had the same LA experience.