LA Experiences

Another exciting week in LA! This week at MPRM I did a few more pitches and drafted a press release for a movie coming out on DVD. My supervisor has been great about giving me examples and ideas about how to approach projects but at the same time letting me experiment with pitches and press releases. She also has been giving me great feedback on the work I’ve done so it’s been great practice. They’ve been giving me different projects to work on which helps make the day go by faster and keep it interesting. What I love about my internship at MPRM is that they make sure I’m learning something and that I know why I am working on a certain project. At Elle I’ve been helping track more coverage for our clients and do more research. Since it’s a smaller office environment, I’ve been able to get to know the people at the LA office pretty well. I’ve been asking them about how they got started and what their path has been so far. It’s been great hearing their stories and they’ve been really helpful and have given me some great advice.

The highlight of the week would have to go to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! I had an absolute blast! We went early in the morning and stayed there for about 10 hours. It took a lot out of us but it was so worth it. Over the weekend, Jenny and I went to a couple of really cool events. First, we went to a taping for Ellen and the guests were Eva Longoria and Clark Gregg. I was so excited when I heard Eva Longoria was going to be on because I just recently finished marathoning Desperate Housewives and getting to see her in person was so cool! On Sunday, Jenny found out last minute that her boss had extra tickets to the MTV Movie Awards. We rushed to get ready and head downtown early because there was also a Lakers game the same night. Navigating downtown when there aren’t any events going on is confusing enough so we had quite an adventure finding parking. The show was so great! I definitely wouldn’t have thought it was that entertaining if I had been watching from home, but since I saw it live it was that much better. It was our first awards show, too! It’s so great when things fall into place at the last minute.